Theater III Betting Episode 2: 7 Squared

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Many thanks to Ysas for helping with the custom chibis in this episode's title card!

After Action Report: Day 1

After Action Report: Day 1
I knew it. (A)rknights is superior.
I thought EN learned. I thought wrong.
I predicted this, but still decided to go with C. Minecraft is far more important.
You fools. You showed my vote and now B is neutral.
Wait, are results....oh. A Won. Nice.
Well you got 20 extra points.
No, it is not 20 extra points. It's 2 CBT points. Almost Tier 3.

I'll [REDACTED] you up for 20 points. 

Shouldn't we upload this episode at a time suitable for people with real sleep schedules?

Hey look, I waited until ceasefire specifically to prevent people like Ceia from accusing me of rigging this vote.

Not like it worked though.

Hey, Matt? Did you get my ballot? I mailed it earlier in the day by Postal Express carrier pigeon.
Wait...what ballot? What vote?
Don't tell me we are already losing votes.
Did someone ask the Postal Express Pigeons?
Where did my pigeon go?
We have a bit of a mail delay between Brazil and the Poland sub-base, where it was dispatched from. We apologize.
I knew this would happen. But I still Voted C. And lost.

The bees have failed. Time to....oh wait. The bees said A. They shall live another day.

God bless the bees.

I wonder if most of EN got filtered by Shattered Connexion so that only the somewhat decent players are left now.

Participation is down like 25% compared to Theater 2. About 15k drones sent vs. 20k+ from the last two Theater events. 

Theater 3 player estimate


It's probably unrelated to Shattered Connexion. 

You won't see people getting filtered until we reach harder levels. I can't wait to see the tears on Core 8

Thank god I am on the same team as Cleista.
Cleista put down a C vote though. Which lost.
Go rogue and shoot him in the back.
I'm eating a wrap with chicken in it right now, so I think I'll vote for C.
A B neutral should cause a flock to B, so A and B will be jugging a win/loss and C will likely be neutral. I will vote B for Based.
That is true, but what if people bank on C Neutral, causing C to lose instead?
If that happens, you should make a Collapse Fluid cocktail and end your misery.
That's a good idea.


People will be stuck at Core 3. Just watch.
Would Core 3 have 100% Shield Striders?

Well, according to the Theater Team Building Guide, Core 3 has

  • Scout/Jaeger
  • Aegis/Nemeum
  • Guard/Jaegers
  • Prowlers/Ripper/Vespid

Which are pretty easy, save for the one Recce Centre + Cerynitis node. It can't be THAT bad right? 

Where's the scary enemy?
It's clearly the Prowlers. No one has ever defeated them before.

Wait, what are Prowlers again... Let me check real quick. 

Wha- that has to be sarcastic. It's the Cerynitis comp isn't it?

People like you are the reason why we have to append /s to obviously sarcastic statements.
Sarcasm is far too advanced for Brekkie it seems.

The Great Bane of EN, confirmed by a SC Top 100 Ranker. 


See you guys tomorrow. 


Not deploying 15 drones?
Leave it. We can stab him later.
-choose A;B;C -choose A;B;C -choose A;B;C
B. B. B.
-choose A;B;C
You are officially stupid, M200.

The bees have spoken. 

Today, I vote B. For I am a bee. 


Now that the votes are in, let's see what people have:
Day 2 Predictions
Panelist Zone Reason
Paragon A imagine c chairing
Jesse B now you see i was going to vote b but as it is late and i wasn't paying attention i dumped my materials prior to voting therefore invalidating this vote. Think of it as a learning experience
Diggus A I'm horny
Xyn A I pulled gacha on another game and I got my desired unit on the 44th pull. If 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, and so on, 44 would be C.The game I was playing was Arknights so I voted A.
Ceia myaaaaa history repeats itself try and you'll succeed
Kira B The bees have sopen
Mars A [A] cat was first cat I saw when I woke up
Lego A Random number generator said A more than B or C, here's proof:
Kyazuki A This goes either two ways. One, everyone realizes A is a real thing and votes that cause "oh fuck A won".Two, everyone thinks that, but votes C cause B's totally a trap, and obviously A won't win again. I'm also just trying to come up with stupid reasons to only vote A for the first week, but who knows if I stick to that.
Hassium A To quote Demoknight TF2: "AaaAAAAAAAaaAAAAAAAaAAAAAAuuuuAaaAAAaaauAAAAAAAAAugh!" Truly an inspiring and highly informative study of this theater.
Gaige B How about another B rush on an eco round as a Terrorist?
Matt C I'll fucking do it again.
Dahblount B I don't think it's likely that A will go on a win streak on day 2. Additionally, many people will C Chair hard. So let's see if B is our winner.
Etrikia A idk why not
Red C I ate a chicken wrap for dinner. It was quite nice. I was thinking about my zone while eating and thought "C for Chicken", so there we go.
Cleista A Dorothy best girl UwU
Hakurai C From the Gates of Hell I return, backstabbed so hard on day 1 that I lost my Mod Sunglasses. "I can't believe Haku40's dead!" said no one, probably. Nay, this was but part of my plan, the long "C"on. I planned on going to hell in order to raise an Army of "C"ympathizers and "C"imps. With my "C"warm I will get the world to realize that "C"erberus is supposed to be pronounced with a hard "K" sound instead. Have fun reading this again. And that is why I'm voting "C". Because it lost yesterday and like any good gacha gambler, the chance of that happening twice is incon"C"eivable.
Soulmuse B I've got no fuckin clue for this one. There's this insane offchance that C wins, and back to back early As don't seem out of the realm of possibility but I'm gonna go with assuming a standard flip/flop of A/B for this one.
Duck A I'm not a shark simp I swear
Paragon B shrug
Seres A just a gut feeling today
Soup A if only to spite the GFC channel name
Brekkie A Dorothy's big hard [REDACTED]
Destination B First-order reactions: A won on Day 1, so people go to A. Second-order reactions: Going to B in anticipation of 1st-order voters going A. Third-order reactions: people staying on C because their big-brains cling to the futile infinitesmal non-zero probability of C winningI'm going B.
Furytomic C Psychological Warfare

Wait a second...

Cleista, I need some voter ID.

What's wrong? 


I'm going to pretend I didn't see anything. 

Surprise Interview Time!

So who here remembers the Gunslinger Girl Collab? Well, today we flew in NinjaPoes (the legend who farmed 49 Angelicas during GSG) for an exclusive interview with BNN (Brainlet News Network). 

Thanks for having me.
Other than Angelica, who is the T-Doll that you have the most dupes of?
When I farm limited dolls, I tend to use them as dupe fodder. (Angelica being the sole exception) So at one point, I had 28 C-MS from the Snowy Night Capriccio Christmas Event last year. But if I look at my current armory, it is my 12 Kords.
What about Dorothy?
Dorothy is my go-to choice when I need an off-tank. Love Dorothy.
What are your thoughts on the Gunslinger Girl series, the manga and the anime adaptation?

I switched from the anime about 2/3rds into Season 1 to the manga and I absolutely loved the manga. I recommend everyone who enjoyed the GSG collab to read the manga. It is 100 chapters, its amazing, and a certain scene was the reason for my motivation to continue to farm Angelica. 

I could keep talking about the manga forever if you don't shut me up. 

If you haven't noticed, we have a very... inhumane way of making people around here shut up. I just snap them into ghosts.
Did you use 10 Angelicas in ranking?
I used two against the Doggos in ranking because you know, Angelica loves doggos and she deserves all the happi-....oh no. What have I done...
Is 49 Angelica just cope, knowing you will never be able to get more than one of best girl, Rico?
Yes. Actually, no. Triela is best girl, but Angelica deserved the most happiness.
Which is the best collab event so far? (Division is an option as well)
Despite being more emotionally invested to GSG, I absolutely loved the VA-11 Hall-A collab.
Why Angelica? Why not another doll?

Angelica came home early during the collab while I was still reading the manga, then during a certain scene in the manga, there was a heartbreaking moment.

I guess my way of coping with those emotions was to get as many Angelicas as safe and happy as I could. I oathed my first one shortly thereafter. Ultimately, I had no specific number in mind. I just wanted to bring as many home as possible. 

When are you and the 36 Sei guy going to approach each other menacingly?
I was going to think of a witty response, but then I remembered: I am not menacing at all. Although, in hindsight, I wish I farmed for more copies of Sei. Even if Stella was my favorite because, ya know, cat ears.
I had 3,000+ runs and I did not get either of them. It hurts.
How did you do your farming? I cannot farm that long even on emulator without something burning.
Have you tried not playing on a literal toaster?
It caught fire, so you're not that far off.

I farmed mostly on my Samsung S6 tablet, switching to my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) when needing to use my tablet for other gacha games.


Well, I think that is about all the time we have. Thank you again for taking the time to come say hi!
Thanks again for having me! Have a great Theater!
You too!
Maybe I should have farmed for 49 Kords in SC...


Looks like most of the panel is staying on the A hype train. Fools. Today will be C's time to shine.

Do not forget to do BOTH of your runs if you haven't already. First run on intermediate, and second on advanced, if you can. Don't forget to do your daily CBT!


No omake today, but feel free to send Matt your scouting propaganda on Twitter or Discord (Vote C Fairy in Girls Frontline EN), and we'll show it off right here on this panel!

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