Theater III Betting Episode 0: Emergency Meeting

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In Brazil Base, S69's Electrical Room

Am I, your fire....
Your one...desire...
Yes I know....its too late.....
But I want it that way...

In the Conference Room

Why are they all in electrical. They know we have to do the interviews and here they are...wasting their precious backstab time to backstab. Typical.
You know...I have an idea.
Emergency Meeting

Cleista walks to the table and opens the plastic cover, before pushing the red button in the center.

Wait, this is the conference room.
It is the 11th of January. Theater is coming. You all have a panel to intro.
Everyone knows who we are by now, just retweet Xyn's PV and call it a day.
You know that most of this panel is new...right? Myself included. I think an intro episode would be good. You are used to being the free labor, right?
Ugh. I suppose you are right. Fine. Everyone, let us do the usual. Intro time.

To begin, Hi. I'm Matt, host of the panel. (Theater II Betting Panel - OhImEN Edition and Theater III Betting Panel - The Division). I am the resident alcoholic Twitter shootposter

Yo momma.
I said introduce yourselves...not hi spam. Too soon for that.
What is the character limit though?
This isn't Twitter. Give me a break.


I'm Xyn, writer for GFL 0 (Project Neural Cloud) Gamepress, maker of bad puns, hobbyist shitposter. I started playing GFL 1 for the Va11halla collab (Jill best girl, Va11halla best collab by extension), and stayed because I found enjoyment in staying up until 7 am to do ranking (2% in SC ranking, worth). I also made this parody PV for this panel


Finally, the obligatory shameless shilling..for PNC of course. 

I-is shilling even allowed?
Depends. Are you shilling snake oil?
I am selling funny umbrellas though. Fairy not included.
Mary Poppin's Umbrellas?
Something like that. They're funny, just redeem promo code 2521 for it.

Hi. I am RedFerrari1998, just call me Red. I write crap for GamePress. I'm technically not even on the Girls Frontline team there but we'll overlook that right now. I wrote the Duping Guide and that Neural Upgrade Priority Guide, as well as several other doll pages. Other than that, I am just a bloke that simps for good raifus and enjoys GFL. Also, leading collection ranking competitor...but DP-12 has fucked me over in that regard right now...grrrrr.

Hello~ I'm Mars, I'm on the GP team and I handle Lore Writing™️ and Lore Archival™️ of newly released information for Project Neural Cloud and Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium. I am the self-proclaimed High Priest of the Church of Nyto (Rights Reserved.) People called me a degen when they were first released, now I am a pioneer of culture. Architect is best girl!

Hey I'm Soup Here. I've been dabbling in this whole GFL thing since around October 2019 and started getting more involved in the game's community just around the Theater I start. I have to say I was a bit of a creepy fan of the panel back then and never thought I'd end up among a group of people quite as pepega as the ones we've come to be on the site and in the Brazil.
Lets see uhh... Yeah, I was 2% isomer with no Parachute Fairy which might make me top ranker with 0 Parachute. (@ me if someone did >1.083 i guess) and I got backstabbed out of top 100 SC with a 1.016 mil there (Yay for B15 caps). But, at least i have my cool beach fairy
Hi I'm Dest. I passed away after reaching top 100 in Shattered Connexion and reduced my existence to atoms. Besides recycling old movie quotes and working for the rest of my life, I'm here to be the brainlet I truly am.
Dest, mention your writing too.
Do you want Paragon to read it in VC again?

Oh, do we have to introduce ourselves? HI, I'm Hassium. I am living proof that you do not need a positive IQ score to reach top 100 in ranking. I have been playing GFL for a year and a half. As for what I do, I write useless guides, shitpost, be a brainlet, shitpost, teach people things and shitpost. I kill red beans on my channel. Also, excuse Matt, he will probably make me say a few hundred foot jokes because Matt thinks that is still funny.

Hey I'm kyazuki big time sleeping in person who lives in time zone that don't help for this. Actually though I write for Matsuda, I don't really go ham in ranking so I still have no idea why I'm in the dalao team
Hakurai I am. UMP40 is yes. Cerberus yes too.


Hello everyone, Duck here, your local ranking addict bird. I was rank 12 Isomer and rank 9 SC, but I've never been in the top 100 in theater. Maybe this time I will make it to the top, or maybe I will just sleep in 1% again. I don't make any content I just meme.
This is gonna be a long episode.
Good. It means more content and time to finish out tasks.
Long boi.

Long boi

Crabs are the superior life form.
Wait...this isn't the summer event.
Hi, am Soulmuse, or Soul, or Muse. Purveyor of KSG propaganda and otherwise advocate for under appreciated Dolls. Been playing gfl since a couple weeks after EN launch. GFL Gamepress team lead and the writer walkthroughs and the occasional Doll page. I periodically stream ranking attempts (97th iso, missed SC Top by ~20k), and write fanfics on the side. One day I will get MICA to remember KSG exists and give her a skin. One day
Hi guys, I’m FuryTomic. You guys most likely know about me, but for the 99% who don’t, I’m a Content Creator who makes videos. I’ve been playing GFL since the first week they launched the game. Uhh... my only true flexing I can do is I made AR-15 Mod 3 a real thing. Going to start focusing on the irl perspective for guns from GFL and more amusing videos such as mindbreaking dalaos, Brazil (heh I got banned here from SC and I’m back) I guess you can say I’m the guy who’s here to try and bring entertainment. I still succ at the game
Hello I'm Brekkie. I'm also known as the man who got #1 in both Isomer and SC while being F2P. Along with winning a game on the last week in SC E-sports. I've been playing since Day 1 and been try-harding ranking as a f2p since then. You can say I'm pretty PogChamp. I also love EM-2. She is my real wife.
Wait a minute....
They'll never know
Howdy y'all, GaigeDaMech here, but I usually go by Gaige. You'd probably know me as that guy who made some of the Theater propaganda for the Theater Betting series, including some nice promotional posters for this season. I'm a certified GFL content creator. I have at least 2 years of experience whipping up dank shootposts on for /r/girlsfrontline under the username StarBase10. I also have a gacha game meme YouTube channel that's currently 1.2K subscribers strong, so if you saw one of my Girls' Frontline Shootpost or Girls' Frontline Struggle Session videos, chances are I made them. Also I'm no slouch in GFL either. Been playing on the EN server since its first week, and I'm currently level 170 as of this writing. My ranking experience is fairly scuffed though, since I only made it to my record at 8% in SC thanks to Etrikia and Potato holding my hands. As for my Theater experience, I managed to bag 2% first season and 1% the second one, so get nae-nae'd EN.
Hi, I'm Diggus, a translator, typesetter, chibi animator, GFC staff, and I got a new title as the defending champion of the Brainlet Panel from last season, I used my theatre betting skills in foreign server and got a decent rank out there in the land of Foreign Servers.
Hey guys, Ceia here. Still a ghost. No pens this time though.
Hey everyone, I'm Jesse, colloquially known as registeel to those who made fun of me whilst I attempted to rank SC. With 1% in SC EX, 17% in Isomer EX with only 3 combat teams, and 2nd place during the Grape Slowwalk, I can confidently say that in a pinch I can pull skill out of thin air when necessary. Don't expect too much from me this theater, I fear I was placed on the panel in some sick attempt at comedy from the Brazillian deities who overlook us.
Yo, I'm Seres, a day 1 player and a ranking addict. I was one of the participants of GFL's first eSports event, hokor1's Underground Arena, and was known for the title "God of F2P". I was #1 for Isomer and also held my #1 position in Shattered Connexion for 25 days straight (almost beat SC world record if a spawn didn't run away from me on turn 9). Unfortunately, I'm planning to hit retirement soon (probably not doing PL, we'll see) so this Theatre season may be the last fun thing I will be doing in GFL. Anyways, I'm here to chill with these Brazilians and getting backstabbed.
Hi, I am Birb. My Skill is Tax Evasion Focus. I can evade the Internal Revenue Service (Tax Department) for 30 years. I am also hosting CBT because I enjoy pain and making the community suffer. Also a frequent Fenfen enjoyer. Help fund Fenfen's Adventure. My existence is only to shitpost and make sure stuff happens in EN Community. Fenfen uwu.
What's up Brainlets? It's me. Ya boy. For the uninitiated, I'm DahBlount. Top 1% SC. Lover of gats and electronics. Hope you guys are ready for more messing around with statistics before it inevitably fails since y'all love collectively being one of the most dissonant groups of people ever to exist on this god forsaken planet.
Hi. My name is legoclone09. I love FNC. Everything else is irrelevant
Actual Intro: Hi my name is Brekkie. i love Dorothy Haze Everything else is irrelevant.


Hi, I'm CoinflipWolfe. Missed the top 100 in SC by just a tad. You might recognize me as the guy who had 100% scouting for like the first week, through sheer luck. Did you know there was only a ((1/3)^7)^2 2.09 x 10^-7% chance not only I but EN got the same results from Coinflips? But it's okay, 1 in a million events happen once every day. Other things I'm probably noted for is being the technical guy behind GnK TV's Twitch streams. Other than that, I'm mostly just in charge of keeping these idiots from killing each other in the discord. I've been playing GFL for a while, thanks to googling "Kancolle App Store". I'm SHD level 300 or so at the time of writing, and am training something hardcore for XFLCom2: War of the Groza.

The Division

Still concerned why Brainlet Panel outscored Dalao Panel.
And we will do it again. Although....I have an idea. How about this. Since we have a large amount of the Gamepress team, and a makeshift team from Panel about we divide into teams and see who can do it better. I can throw together a prize of some sort for the winning team.
Let me guess, you want to call it Matt's: The Division?
Genius. Matt's: The Division. Rolls right off the Karmotrine.
I think he was joking...
Matt's The Division: Theater III Betting Panel
Team Dalao Team Brazil Team Gamepress
Ceia Matt Soup
Jesse Duck Haku
Diggus Coin Mars
Cleista Brekkie Soul
Fury DahBlount Xyn
Kyazuki Hassium Red
This is how we will divide up. Everyone still votes. These votes are scored in an independent team competition. Each winning scout, 3 points. Each neutral scout? 2. Each loss, 1. No vote? 0. Penalty for not doing your homework now boys.
You are either a genius or a criminal. Either or. I like it.

On that note, do not forget to come back later for Episode 1 as we break down into the box of cookies that is EN's collective brain. Send me your scouting propaganda or Theater memes, on Twitter, Reddit and Discord...or for those who are super old school. Carrier E-Pigeons at [email protected]. Yes, that is an actual email address. 

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