Theater III Betting Episode 1: Mitosis

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I know what I must do. I must vote for C. My people need me.
May the Curse of C be upon you Brekkie.
Maybe the Ghosts will coalesce your Neural Cloud and resolve your fears, Brekkie.
I am making a Minecraft voter system,
I am going to try and use three layers of thought.
What are you guys voting and why is it B?
I quit, I am going to play AK in B-ed and let you hornt fools duke it out.
Good choice Desti.
How do I use KSVK in Theater? I am also Voting C. Because either I lose or I win. It is very poggers.
Time for me to mistype my information and forget to vote again!
Bruh, I am gonna sleep. Someone vote for me.
Vote C? No vote C? But what if many people no vote C? So I Vote C! Obvious answer is dump materials into support buildings. Full stop.
If playing CSGO taught me anything, Rush B is a viable strategy. In conclusion: Rush B.
It will either B and A or a C win. B is a false hope. Call it now. This is the C theater now.
Why are we even arguing who is going to win when the first day doesn't really matter, considering we only send one drone.
It is the warmup phase. Gotta get the noobs ready for backstabbing.




Dame Da ne.....Dame yo....
Truly a Matt moment.
I have assigned each of my cats a letter and the first cat I see will be my scout.

Seeing the root vegetable fills you with rage, as the previous 1st Day theater vote was C, a true guarantee that this theater's day one vote will be a C loss.


C for Carrot

Block game gave me a 12/21 win before.
You have a modded game. This is clearly RNG manipulation.
I almost clowned up and did not set advantage dolls when I switched to Advanced.
Theater 1, winner was B. Theater 2, winner was C. Therefore, Theater 3 winner will be C. With that said, I will vote C.
So for the last Theatre, I did nothing but RUSH B. That ended terribly for me. Naturally, I will start off this Theatre by doing the same thing. RUSH B!!
God damn it Kalina, I wanted to do Theatre, not get a tutorial.


Hey, it is free resources. But it is not the story with Alfa, so I do not care.
The bees have spoken. The bees have said A.
Are you going to bring these bees to the conference room tomorrow then?
But are the bees making resources yet?
Do they make you useful resources Kira or is their entire purpose to humiliate us this Theater?
They can, but no. Their entire existence is to make you look like a fool.
I remain tempted to just stick my head out and ask someone random bystander on the base without context to pick A B or C and see what happens. Figure it can't be any worse than EN.
Alright, boys. C it is.
Because I cannot trust A since it is the first day of Theater, plus VTuber Sumps, and C is not really a safe option except for a few specific conditions being met prior.
I went A. I already regret my decision.
What do VTuber Simps do and how do they affect theater?
Probably the A Shark thing.
There is another way of going about this. We manipulate the player population. We rig the votes.
If we are going to be accused of vote rigging, might as well actually do it, right?
Hold it. There will be no manipulation. We do not need protests outside of the base. I cannot afford to have damages and repairs because it comes out of the General Access fund, which funds the Karmotrine for the base.
Anyways, considering the client issues, I think the newer player base is smaller and smarter. The ones who have not done Theater II or whatever. I have no data to back this up, for the record. Brainlets are still as ever present.
Hard part of using Matt as a yardstick for EN is how many people did double easy and also spent materials.
Day 2 we will know how many people got filtered by the haha funny 150 Armor Box of Balls.
I am confused. Why are people asking questions about Recce Centers, because they can easily be AFK'd with an ARSMG.
Listen, if you get beat by watermelons, you deserve to be mocked. No offense summer crabs.
We hate the melons too. It's fine.


And the votes are in...
Day 1 Predictions
Panelist Zone Reason
Mars C day 1 meme
Kira C Bees said so
Gaige B If playing as a Terrorist in Counter Strike: Global Offensivetaught me anything, it's that rushing B is a viable strat
Brekkie A 1st Day = 1st Letter = ADuh
Jesse C Minecraft dispenser said so
BLT B I don’t trust A due to this being day 1 and I don’t trust C ever.
Red B In the last theatre, I did nothing but RUSH B on every day and it turned out terribly.So naturally I'm doing that again, at least day 1, RUSH B!!!!!
Xyn C Just before voting I went to take out the trash, which consisted of 3 delivery boxes and 2 trash bags.I dragged them to the elevator and had to wait like 1 minute for it to arrive. There's no door close button so it took 7 seconds before the elevator started goingdown, and all 8 bins were full so I had to leave my trash there. On the way up I also picked up 1 package addressed to my flatmate. The elevator button at the lobby is janky, so it took 6 presses before it activated, and I accidentally stepped in a puddle and got my legs wet so I took a shower, noticing that my shower gel bottle was 1/3 full, gotta rebuy soon. Then I went back to my desk and voted.Perceptive readers might have noticed the emphasis on numbers. These set of numbers were used to calculate the relative 'desire' of EN to vote C, and what came out means absolutely nothing and voting C was just on a whim.
Ceia B i dunno its day 1
Etrikia A Arm Rest served me well
Kyazuki A Everyone knows its vote A for first day, but since everyone knows that, they'll all vote B. Voting C is the memer choice, so since this is EN, you never pick that. Therefore, I vote A. Works every time, 33% of the time.
Soulmuse A Low points bad, big points good, thus low points are actually good. Or something to that effect. I'm to lazy to check the old serverdata for this one, but I figure A is a safer bet than B. This feeling will last until I submit this vote.
Furrytomic B My Magic 8 Ball said so
Duck C Ryuzu Shima says vote C~I'm feeling a bit spicy today, and it's only 1 drone so the inevitable C loss won't hurt that much.
Coin A Given what we know about the correlation between EN and the Coindex, we're fucked.
Dahblount A Doesn't take a genius to know what's gonna happen first day of Theater
Hakurai C C for Cerberus, also Gates of Hell. It would be irresponsible not to vote C!
Hassium B Rush B go go go. Memes aside, I believe level 0 voters will pick C and level 1 voters will pick A observing previous theater day 1 trends. Level 2 voters rise up.Obviously I'm wrong here but whatever.
Destination C I thought I'd pick B, then I remembered to not trust myself
Seres C hokor said so :^)
Soup C the only honorabru choice
Matt C I hope to god A loses. Brekkie cannot be right.
Cleista C Most players should have been in the previous Theaters, so they should expect C not to win. Therefore, C will win.
Diggus B Your mom is a nice lady
Paragon? Hello?


Well, it appears half the panel has decided C will be the winner....WAIT....C? Oh no. Here we go again.


Do not forget to do BOTH of your runs, on the appropriate difficulty, if you are able, Feel free to send me your scouting propaganda on Twitter or Discord (Vote C Fairy in Girls Frontline EN). Oh, and do not forget to do your daily CBT! 


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