Theater III Betting Episode 10: Retribution

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After Action Report: Day 9

After Action Report: Day 9
Why is this episode shorter than usual?
Brekkie deleted the entire channel.
I thought it was Discord's fault, glad to see that the real culprit is right in front of us.
It was an accident!
First he sends one drone, now he messed up an entire episode in front of a dozen witnesses. This is instant karma at its finest.
I heard that Brekkie just snapped the chat? Do I need to do something?
Get in the pillory.
As a devout missionary of the C camp, I am appalled and shocked by what Brekkie did after falsely claiming to represent voters from the Mount of Ashes.
As an outspoken leader of the Rush B movement, I am equally aghast at the horrific and deceptive conduct from someone we used to respect.
Your Honor, I-
This is an extremely serious offense that 100% warrants kicking him from the panel. Definitely not because I want Brekkie banned so his team loses points.
I only mod abused a little! I don't deserve this much mod abuse!
This is why you should never give Brekkie any power.
Causing general chaos is enough of a win for me.
Any last words?




Hi getting banned, I'm dad.
Dad, why are computers hard?
As a Comp Sci major, I agree, computers are hard.


I almost forgot to add advantaged units today. Thank you, free withdrawal.
5642 points today from Core 1. Not like you have a choice.


Advanced 8 somehow

How did this even happen?
It looks like a screenshot of Advanced 8?
It doesn't tell us there's the "occupied" penalty, but the -40% is there.
A few people in GFEN mentioned that they have this problem of being stuck in Advanced 8, and it doesn't go away even with client restarts.
Seems like a backend bug to me. You can run Advanced 8 once and it'll put you in Core correctly.
Wait, that's 4k extra points we don't get.
Diggus you don't even play on EN.
Well, they might roll back the points. This isn't intentional bug abuse so people affected by this are probably ok to do their runs still.
Any bets on where a majority of EN will be filtered to? Still Core 6?
Core 3.
Core 6 sounds more reasonable than Core 3. Based on how quickly people cleared Intermediate despite its lack of bonuses, I think Core 6 (which is similar to Intermediate 8) is what's doable for most EN players.
Core 8 will be interesting with its new enemy stacks.
So what's everyone voting today? B won by a massive margin earlier.
I'm surprised, why did everyone stack A and C? I thought C would be neutral.
Stop trying to apply logic to EN.

New video: "Ceia DESTROYS GRIFFIN with FACTS & LOGIC" but he ends up destroying his own theater rank instead. 

Honestly B wasn't that low if you looked at historical trends. Often when B wins twice, the second day that B wins usually has a significantly lower vote % than the first day.
People really don't believe double B win is possible still?

Now I'm glad I don't play EN.

I think today C will win. Tons of people dumped mats and they can't scout today.
But the max score is 5k today. There's enough mats for that to not happen again.
Nah, I'm still going C myself.
I've somehow gotten a lot of votes right this time. If I stayed on the team instead of switching out to be a Guest, the Gamepress team wouldn't be losing miserably right now.
GP is not going to win just from switching one person out, have you seen the scores?
Even if everyone else loses on a day where GP wins, we only catch up by 12 points.
It's ok, we literally run the site this is hosted on. It only matters who counts the votes if you get what I'm saying.
Imagine cheating to win and reducing yourself to Brekkie's level.
Everyone who ranked higher than me cheated. You can't prove me wrong.
Stop being salty, Brekkie.
And everyone who ranked lower than me is bad.
I'll keep copying Brekkie's vote until he loses.
GP Team motto: "I'm not trying to win anymore, I just want Brekkie to lose".
You know, from what I've seen in the theater chats in GFC, I'm starting to think we're taking the baits too far.
Why are people snapping back to A immediately? Don't they realize that Core is when the AABBAA patterns start appearing?
AABBAA isn't that common, it's far more likely for A to go on a streak from 3-5 then get a B win or two.


Day 10 Predictions

Not much effort today, huh.

People are going to sleep early so they can watch the Dev Stream in a few hours.

Editor's note: I did not, in fact, get to sleep early.

Neither did I. At least I got the news that there'll be another Closed Beta session for Project Neural Cloud soon. 



Apologies for the late and short episode today, the panel has been quite chaotic to say the least. Blame Matt's hotel's shitty internet.


Do not forget to do BOTH of your runs if you haven't already, and send your drones. You can dump your materials after you vote today if you want. After you cast your vote, remember to do your daily CBT! Have any memes/propaganda? Share them with Matt on Twitter, Discord (Vote C Fairy in Girl's Frontline EN Official, Girl's Frontline Corner and Gamepress Community Discords), Reddit, or Email

Want to take a look at previous data? You can find Matt's charts for Theater 1, Theater 2 and Theater 3 here! 

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