Theater III Betting Episode 12: Just Desserts

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After Action Report: Day 11

After Action Report: Day 11
Time to get a screenshot of the leaderboards now that Ceia is out of the #1 spot…

Alright, here you go.



I knew investing materials yesterday would get me some laughs. 

C won! Finally, not being a coward paid off. 

I can't believe C won... Cleista is gonna be like..

Cleista: In your face Brekkie!

When he wakes up. It's gonna be horrible.

C FUCKING WON? Kill me. I should have gone with my conscience.
I want to vote my conscience, but my conscience is absorbed in karmotrine.
Wait, FURY! I want a stream tomorrow. You owe us 90$ worth of lotto scratchers!
Wait, hold up. Fury made a 90$ bet?
Yep. 90$ worth of scratchers.
Watch him win millions on this bet. The real backstab.

Oh, look. Core 3.

Core 3

Right, time for EN to be truly filtered.
Stronghold. Finally.
How much do we want to bet that EN will still be on Core 3 tomorrow?
We have fairies prior to boss. Meme teams are coming.
I do not see a single threat in the Gamepress Theater Teambuilding guide. There is not even striders. How will this fodder filter EN?
It’s just the meme.
Where the heck did this C win come from anyway?
If you guys didn’t notice, C was 34% and still lost. People did not have a reason to move to C at all. C was already losing big time, on top of the fact that B was in danger of losing because it won twice, and then A won. People would think B would win then, so they went to B, B was a guaranteed loss. So A or C, and it was a cointoss. C dropped harder.
Oh that makes sense.

It was bound to be a close fight.

For the unfortunate A voters, RIP. For the risk takers who voted C, pog. The main reason I did not vote C was because a solo-A win is very rare. 

C voters aren’t risk takers, they are masochists.
Well, what I mean by C voters, I meant people who don’t camp C but actually decided to risk C. Potato, current #1, who until now, only has one neutral scout.
Or you are Cleista and have massive balls.
I honestly think Cleista predicted C win and memed saying "outplaying Brekkie" or... he actually said "fuck it" and decided to try to vote the opposite of me.
That is an early C win too.

Why are some of the memey unrealistic bets I’m making winning?

First it was me wearing thigh highs and a skirt. Now it’s $90 worth of scratchers.

But hey, if I win a million dollars maybe I can finally pay my sister back. She decided to charge interest on commission fees. She is truly scary. 

You are late on your January payment, onii-chan.
Please have mercy...


Now that we're done watching Brekkie cope, what's the over-under on tomorrow's scouting results? 

Can C win twice? 

It has happened once or twice on foreign. It is not likely though.

"Previous win" voters will come out in force and vote C. 

I guess I should check what EN’s behavior is after a C win because I am just sort of assuming.

Why do you need to "assume" when the charts are updated every day?

You forgot to update yours for 3 days. 

Also, it is a closer race now. EN took 2 theaters to figure out how theater voting works. 

Look. Anyone could have voted C. Who are you, the president of the C-hair C-lub? C voters are a dime a dozen.
You could launch a SpaceX rocket to the moon and it would still hit a C voter.
Elon is a C voter! Holy shit.
So, today. A or B. What wins?

What. It was obvious. B-rekkie is red. Oh wait..that’s just Dorothy. This might end with someone else backstabbing.

C-leista did it, since he actually started the chain to fuck Brekkie over and then went on to C-chair and win. 

Can we institute capital punishment for bad puns? 

This is getting harder to predict now that we are not following normal “trends” that closely.
It's hard to tell if I should stick with A or switch to B.

Either way, C is done for. 

45% C tomorrow. Watch. 

I have lost count on the number of wrenches that were thrown into the predictions this theater. EN is truly the wildcard server, and this round is no different.
Hasn't JP been taking themselves for a ride this theater? They might deserve this title more.
Should I bet something against C winning again?
Fiddle would probably tell you to core half of your pythons on a second C win.
But I only have 3.
Round up.
B-but this is EN. 1+1=3, so it rounds down.
Anyway, I will follow past data and vote A.
C might as well win again.
Double C wins only happen if no one expects it. The fact that you mentioned it, know what that means.
You said before that no one would have prevented a C win by reading panel, and now you are saying that if we mention a C win, it will interfere….Cleista...please….
Hmph. You don't have to believe me. Vote C if you want.
Feels like I should go the lazy route and put materials into construction and skip scouting if my predictions fail this much.
I’ll dump all my materials on Day 19, because that is how I roll. Two days to sweat out the backstabbing.

BLT, you are still above the investment line, so you are fine. 

Panel Scores

Where is the investment line?
Oh, I did not realize that.
Xyn, please.
As long as you do your scouting, ideally with all drones sent, you should make profit unless you lose every single investigation.
Thus, the relative “0” line on the panel individual chart.
Wait, Cleista has not bullied me yet?
You backstabbed yourself in your confusion. You did it to yourself. He just outplayed you.
The bees have said C.
I haven’t voted. I wanna see what other people vote.
You are forever a liar, Brekkie. You know that, right? He should have stayed as a ghost.
That can be arranged.
There's the bullying we've come to expect.

At this point, I only have two real choices.

  • Vote A, the most likely, or:
  • vote C, risk a double win and a quick comeback.

I will come back and beat you, Cleista. Mark my words. 

So you're getting in the C casket today, Brekkie?
You sacrificed the team for your own greed. What a terrible choice I made in choosing you.


Do you guys actually think double C will happen?

Or is this C win as far-fetched as a flat-chested DSR-50?

I've considered all the possibilites, and C will at least go neutral.

I think your analysis falls flat, Soup.



How C-ould this happennnn too meeeeee....I made my mistakessss.....I misseddd out on Ccccccc.....

Do not forget to do BOTH of your runs if you haven't already, and send your drones. You can dump your materials after you vote today if you want. After you cast your vote, remember to do your daily CBT! Have any memes/propaganda? Share them with Matt on Twitter, Discord (Vote C Fairy in Girl's Frontline EN Official, Girl's Frontline Corner and Gamepress Community Discords), Reddit, or Email

Want to take a look at previous data? You can find Matt's charts for Theater 1, Theater 2 and Theater 3 here! 


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