Theater III Betting Episode 13: The Second Coming

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After Action Report: Day 12

After Action Report: Day 12


Wait, no, let me try this again. 


"I knew this would happen! The loyal C cult has been rewarded!"

That's not fooling anybody, Mr. #14 on leaderboards. 

Fiddlekins voted nothing but C this theater and he's gonna be #1 tomorrow. 

Why did I bet against C winning? I don't think my liver can take more of this...

Why did Theater start a trend of betting on things where winning offers no benefit but losing incurs a massive drawback? 

I admit nothing. 

At least I only lost a phone and not one of the organs I need to live. 

If I have a penny every single time this panel jinxed something, I would have two pennies. 

It ain't much, but this hardly ever happens, just like the double C. 

Still happened though. 

Why isn't EN as stupid as we thought they are?

The stupid people probably got filtered out in Advanced 3 or something and totally quit doing theater.

This has increased the average IQ for the remaining people who scouted.

I don't know about that, the player count seems to be fairly consistent every day.

It's still (slightly) fewer players than Theater 1 and Theater 2. 

This also partially explains why we're still on Core 3 today. 

I was joking when I said EN would get stuck on Core 3...

It was just a prank bro...

It's not really that surprising, Stronghold nodes have a lot of "HP" relative to other nodes. We almost beat it but didn't quite clear the stage, so we'll probably end up skipping straight to Core 6 tomorrow. 

Progress is determined by aggregate score from all commanders who participate in Theater. 

  • Core 1 is 170m
  • Core 2 is 190m
  • Core 3 is 730m
  • Core 4 is 210m
  • Core 5 is 150m
  • Core 6 is 430m
  • Core 7 is 200m
  • Core 8 is 100m

Why is Core 3 so high?!

That's the million-dollar question only devs know the answer to. 

I don't know about you but I'd rather repeat this boss node than have to do Core 4 or do math to figure out whether Core 4 or Core 3 was more points. 

Back in Theater 2 we had this mess. 0/10 would not recommend. 

That's a really low number of points. 

I'm glad they fixed Core zone score scaling for Theater 3.

Too bad JP didn't get this fix yet.

Theater is running on their server now and a lot of people who invested every day couldn't max scout in Core 1. 

Well, good thing we're in Core 3 and not a subsequent zone then. 

I kinda miss KR Theater 2 where we didn't have any upgrades at all until Core 8. I could be so much lazier with CE padding. 

EN just instantly has 6 echelons the moment Core 3 opens. 

Just skip the padding. Saves your sanity. 

You can save sanity? How? I need more for my D32 Steel. 

Does anyone think a triple C is possible?

I think A will finally win now.

How'd that work out for you yesterday? 

You see, I saw the double C coming, but I was tired and accidentally voted one day ahead of time.

It's hard being a clairvoyant oracle sometimes...

Yeah, yeah, we totally believe that. 


You know, I only voted A yesterday because I thought Brekkie voted C. 

Turns out he voted A too and we both lost. This is his fault. 

Say goodbye to your #1 dreams, Mr. Indeed. 

He never had a chance to start with! Even his fanboy betrayed him!

That's the real tragedy of Theater. 

As punishment for Brekkie's constant lies and slander I will rig his house with TNT. 

If you're making death threats in Minecraft, do you have to follow it up with "in irl"?

Officer, no, I actually meant in Minecraft, look it's right her-


We saw nothing. 

Hi fellas, how does that A vote sound? 

I, uh, hate Brekkie and will now vote A with him to ensure it loses!

Maybe I should actually blow up your house so that you're forced to explore instead of sitting at the farm all day. 

Please don't.

Isn't anybody going to talk about the triple C potential? 

That has never happened before. 

C winning twice means everybody will vote it out of rage and desperation. 

C winning twice just makes me want to destroy EN in a fit of rage and desperation.

It's not like this double C was a foregone conclusion anyway. 

B and C were different by 0.09%. That's 11 people's drones - 6 people voting differently could have swung the results. 

The most important part of this result: it's hilarious. 

What if EN camps A so hard C wins a third time? Just imagine

I'm imagining it, and all I can think of is "I'll just vote C, this way I can't lose". 



I voted C.

C will lose now.

Glad I voted B then. 

What's the consensus on the zone that will actually win? B? 

I sure hope so. 

No shitty pun this time?

I already gave up on making CS:GO references with rushing B ever since that other CT win, so I'll just make Escape to Tarkov references in my explanations for this season.

Don't need to spend so many brain cells on scouting, Theater is just fake ranking anyway. 

Bring back a real one, MICA. Where's our AW+ rerun?

Nah, this is like, high tier ranking. 

Reading your opponent's brain is the peak of competition. 

All those achievements in SC and Isomer? Trash. 

None of that can even compare to the display of pure concentrated wisdom behind yesterday's C vote. 

How's being the false prophet of Ash Mountain working out for you? 

Your followers immolated themselves on that 15 points per drone yesterday. 

To be fair, I died on Ash Mountain twice now too. 


Fact check: Pants on Fire!


Are you just looking for an excuse to quit now? 

Who knows? 

It's not like he'll deliver anyway, right? 



Since Cleista got arrested by the FBI I'm gonna wrap it up instead. 

Do not forget to do BOTH of your runs if you haven't already, and send your drones. You can dump your materials after you vote today if you want. After you cast your vote, remember to do your daily CBT! Have any memes/propaganda? Share them with Matt on Twitter, Discord (Vote C Fairy in Girl's Frontline EN Official, Girl's Frontline Corner and Gamepress Community Discords), Reddit, or Email

Want to take a look at previous data? You can find Matt's charts for Theater 1, Theater 2 and Theater 3 here! 


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