Theater III Betting Episode 3: Arise

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Like terribly colored charts made by the colorblind guy? Matt collects EN Theater data and publishes it here! 

Foreign data for people who think it applies to EN: 


After Action Report: Day 1

Oh, easy.
I see the C vote went awry. Damn you chicken wrap, misleading me like that.
Go chicken GOOOOOOOO!
Do I hear triple A?

The bees have failed. It is time to raze the city to the ground and raise a new generation that does not suck. 


Ceia, you are not allowed to meme this into reality again. 

It stopped being funny the second time.

What do you mean? This gets funnier every time it happens. 

Matt, can I see the leaderboard?

It is currently a tie for the lead in the team competition. 



We're losing!
We are tied for first.
That's basically a loss. Weren't we supposed to be tryharding this?
Coin voted C because the coin flip made him. He had no choice in the matter.

Relying on RNG? He's just copying my strategy, I see how it is. 

It's day 2 - not like this ranking means much at this point. 

Nice, I have the consistently lowest score! WOOOOOO!

It takes just as much skill to guess wrong every time as it does to guess right. We'll just have to do the opposite of what you voted for. 

Hey Haku, what zone did you vote for today? Asking for a friend.


I stacked my CE to 10032, but somehow only got 19k points. 

Wasn't the max for today supposed to be 21k based on this

I think they nerfed CE calculation. CN got 21k max in their 3rd/4th Theater as well, I double checked.

This must be an EN-only change. If so, It doesn't really matter rankings-wise, since everyone else will get fewer points too.

You probably should make a PSA so people do not freak out when their score is less than your recommendation infographic. 

I only managed to stack to 8k.
You should have used SPAS instead of Shorty to CE stack.

Why? They are the same for bonus points.

One is clearly more stacked than the other.

On an entirely unrelated note, have you seen SVCh testing? She is a new RF that's on Foreign servers. 

What did she do again?
Here is her fact sheet.


Candy Echo 

  • Passive: When changing attack targets, increases own damage by 10% for 5 seconds (stacks up to 4 layers). 
  • Active: For 5 seconds, each attack from every dummy link carries an additional 150 points of fixed damage, ignoring enemy evasion, armour and HP shields; When attacking enemies with multiple dummy links, the effect is doubled.

Her extra damage doesn't scale with stats or buffs.

I think if you roll her early on, she'd look very broken - but if your armory is already established, you won't feel that she is very strong at all.

She did well in testing against high Evasion enemies, but it lagged behind actual self-buffers even when the team is para debuffed.

With RFHG usually consisting of 3 handguns and SVCh lacking any kind of RoF buff, even 300 extra damage isn't much nowadays.

Can we bring it back to base and discuss Theater?
Is my vote reasoning allowed? It has an R-18 word in it.
No, because it is not funny.


Don't make me exercise executive powers to remove you.
I'm halfway there myself.
You know you're banned, right?

Anyway....I think A gained 2.5% more voters today, but still wins. 

If 2.5% gain actually happens, I will but you one weeb figurine of your choice.
Soul, commission a KSG figure, PLEASE.

Within reason...

I think we would have to talk to legal about that little condition there at the end, Cleista.
Is this an actual theater bet? LETS GOOOOOOO!
I don't take bets that I can't win.
Welcome to Brainlet Panel.
I'm glad I didn't lose the original dalao panel because I couldn't afford to pay the penalty.
Frankly, I think there's a good chance of A to win again just because everyone will do the usual "No way A wins three times in a row" and camp B or my precious C again.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...
Heh. You B and C voters never learn.

On a related note: Fun fact. I jumped from 70th percentile to 50th percentile, which means the Theater Filtering began yesterday...

What could possibly be filtering people in the literal first two days of Theater?

They added the houses.
What houses? This is not the real estate market.
Brekkie Centers.
Brekkie Centers?
Recce Centers, you mean? They showed up in Advanced 1 and Advanced 2. People who do not pay attention will get destroyed. Yes, by the houses.
Those houses are terrifying.


Now that all of the birds have flown in the tickets, let us see where we stand.

Day 3 Predictions

A is looking mighty popular today compared to before. 

People learned their lesson.

To be fair it's a bit unusual to vote A on the first day.

That's why you lose.

It's only one drone...

But it's 2 CBT points and 3 Panel points.

The panel is about to either get murdered by A or win big on A. 

They're literally copying me.

Only two people are actually copying you.


Looks like more than half the panel has said A. I really hope C wins though. I need to make Brekkie pay. 

Do not forget to do BOTH of your runs if you haven't already. Two runs on Advanced 3 for today (since it has bonus and is a boss stage), if you haven't already cleared it. Don't forget to do your daily CBT!

Want to take a look at previous data? You can find my charts for Theater 1, Theater 2 and Theater 3 here! 


No omake today, but feel free to send Matt your scouting propaganda on Twitter or Discord (Vote C Fairy in Girls Frontline EN), and we'll show it off right here on this panel!

I do have a meme from Vespy on Discord to share before we go. (Cough. The only meme I have gotten so far. Cough. Why does no one send me memes anymore. Cough.)



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