Theater III Betting Episode 6: Ceia voted A

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After Action Report: Day 5

CBT Day 5

I think people will pile up on C tomorrow. That's a very obvious trend whenever C is neutral. 

I think I may as well be one of those people.
Only morons like Brekkie would think about going to C.
Dest, please. I'm sorry, please stop being mad at me for memeing that one time. least we have some buildings constructed now from the material dumping.
Blount, you fucking certified genius you.
Huh, wa-
A win feels so good.
I haven't checked yet...was I wrong...?
Not an ounce of sarcasm. Your analysis was 100% correct.
I see, so B increased and A stayed mostly the same.
Do I get a prize for achieving 0 perfect infiltrations?
Losing every round has the same chance as winning every one, theoretically.

It looks like IndeedFanboy has turned his back on him. 



He now simps for Fiddle.
I swear I recall him saying he cannot change his name back. Yet, there he is, having changed it again, lol.
Let's vote B for Biddle.
What does C stand for?
Not even the Fire Emblem Heroes site lead cares about GP's ad revenue...



Will B lose enough people to C for it to win?
I think B will go up, if anything. Always bet on chaos when it comes to EN.
Well, I am staying A then. My current record is 2 wins, 2 neutral, and one loss. Decent, I suppose.
Ceia, are you banking on a triple A?

Yeah, I feel like B has too many people on it to win. 40 to 28. 

Not to mention people voting for previous loss. Vote C for Cleista, C is clearly the winner's choice.
Vote B for Brekkie, the loser's choice.
Be like me. Vote C for consistency - consistently failing, that is.

Okay, time to vote A so I do not get fucked. EN, Please do not make me a femboy like Fury over here.

A will dip when you dip and you will suffer. It is the rule of the universe.
My faith in A-rmrest has proven bountiful!
I called it by the way, we are still on Advanced 6. EN saw the Pyxis turrets go brrr and ran for the hills.
Technically we went from like ~40% to almost 60%, so there is still progress. Plus people who can clear it will clear it twice today, so there's a good chance Advanced 8 opens tomorrow.
Nah, we are never reaching Core 8 at this rate.
Come on EN, you can do it.
We have 10 fairy commands and 4 HOC uses each now because of the building levels, just makes it easier to sleep until Core.
Hey, Soul. Are you going to try the love letter contest?
Probably, yeah. I am terrible at love letters and stuff, so the result would be massive cringe, but I will give it a shot.
We were talking about this earlier in the Gamepress staff room. I am totally taking part. The world will cringe to hell and back as I attempt to woo Lee-Enfield.
It has to be in English this time. Apparently they were unimpressed with my foreign language entry during the last writing contest.
Also no lewding, so 98% of EN is basically disqualified anyway.

Less competition is not a bad thing.

Just write like Shakespeare. The love sonnets were horny as fuck.

Write in iambic pentameter and replace ‘you’ with ‘thou’, instant Shakespeare.

By the way, the team scores are updated.
Is Matt letting Brazil down?
He scored three times the points as Fury and Jesse yesterday.
Will you go for A or B today, Soul?

Not sure. I am probably going to go watch football and decide then. 

Although, I am actually doing almost well...somehow. I am not sucking, which means I almost care about how I scout.

I think B actually has a chance even though it was so high today. Its meteoric rise will be coupled with a tumultuous fall.
Just send full A. You know it will be A because EN.
You sure?
EN's gonna pull another one of those reverse psychology strategies and doubt A will win because they think people will flood to it. They will vote C unironically, or B. Which results in actual floods to B and C.
This is a pattern that we all know.
Probably the only consistent pattern in EN, when C goes neutral, it spikes the next day. Should almost call it a Law of the Universe at this point.
On that note...I am just realizing...I may have drunkenly backstabbed all of EN, singlehandedly.
Yes, Matt. Most people stab with one hand. But what did you do?
Anyway, you all know how I was super tired and super drunk last night. Apparently, I accidentally voted A, so drunk me is smarter than I thought.
This is rigged.
We take those!
It's a 300IQ play from the alcoholic from Glitch City!
7 trillion IQ, Matt. This is the play. Say you will vote one thing, using all of your EN powers. We all avoid that. Get yourself super drunk and then vote. Everyone wins. We defeat EN with the power of Matt reverse psychology and "optional" Karmotrine.
Either way, I also finished my latest craft drink. Karmotrine of the End. It’s mixed with epiphyllum flowers that were fermented with Karmotrine for the last couple days. Not bad, just needs a bit more work and I will master it. You can also make an EX version by doubling the Karmotrine units.


Matt, you never cease to amaze me. Very nice drink, with a nice subtle citrus kick.
Now that I have fueled the alcoholism, I do know C will lose. Should I vote C? Probably not. A/B tossup again though, and I am drunkenly leaning to the right, so I will go B.
Is it time to stop C-chairing and start thinking? Thinking is hard. C-hairing is easy.
Thinking is not strictly necessary, well not with my brain.

Time to stop C-chairing and start drinking.



My vote today was cast while having to listen to my friend watch VTubers.
Who's the pink-haired one? She's hot.

You don't want to watch the shark instead?






If C wins after I switch to A, I'm going to chug a 40.




Maybe I should start withholding my vote so the rest of you aren't tempted to copy it.


Looks like two-thirds of the panel are voting A. Hmmm. Makes you question your sanity sometimes. 


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