Theater III Betting Episode 7: Femme Furieuse

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After Action Report: Day 6


How come no one said anything for 4 hours?

We're off to a quiet start today. 



This scouting thingy is waayyyyy too easy

You're just voting A because you're afraid of taking on more risk. 

Easy has bonus today, right? 

What node is Easy on again?

Easy is on 6, Intermediate is on 8, Advanced is on 8.

A lot of people didn't realize this, but the optimal run today is running Advanced 8 twice if you are able. Otherwise, run Easy 4 and the hardest boss node available to maximize score. 

I can't stop taking L's in scouting, but at least I knew better than using my runs on Easy 6 and losing 8k points. 

Speaking of scouting, you are on the C-chair right now, no? 

Mr. "I'm carrying the Dalao Team", you're letting Ceia down right now. 

He deserves it.

Aren't you on his team?

Well, if the rest of my team fails, that's their problem. 

I was right for once???
Who were the unfortunate souls that bet on A not winning 3 times?
Oh, Kira and I agreed that a Triple A win, we would send thigh pics to Brazil.
Can I take the pictures?

Someone save me...


I was going to say something, but I forgot.
Same honestly.
We all have dementia.

What is dementia? 

I forgot the definition.
I don't remember either.
This thing called Wikipedia explains it as "...a set of related symptoms when the brain is damaged by disease...involv[ing] impairments to memory, thinking behaviors that affect the ability to perform everyday activities....

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... is just EN on a normal day.
Pretty much.
Well. Good news, I am not chugging 40 today.
You could end up like Matt over there. I think he had a few too many glasses of Karmotrine of the End EX.
Since Kira lost his bet, what happens now?
He is now officially performing worse than Hakurai, who managed to win a day by finally getting his ass off the C chair.
I betrayed all of the C economy in one move.
Haku joined the good side on the day where it mattered the most.

Competition between teams is starting to really heat up. Only one point separates the teams now... and by teams, I mean Team Brazil and Team Dalao.

Gamepress....guys...come on. "Do A gAmEpReSs PaNeL," said one person in my DMs a few months ago. Well look how well that is turning out. Pick it up, or all of you will be singing Baka Mitai for Episode 22. 


I'm thinking B is probably the vote today, at least on my first glance.

However, this is the mentality that got us the A streak last time...

Do I smell a C? 

Haku no. 

As for me, I might switch to B. I am undecided as of yet. What should I vote? 

Be the change you wish to see in the timeline. It's the will of Steins Gate.
I think I end up saying "This was not the will of Steins;Gate" a lot more often in practice.
I'd rather we Steins;Bait EN into fucking up.

Circular thinking! Let's gooooo!

Votecoin is plummeting. Remember: buy high, sell low.
Sorry, what were you guys talking about? I just did my runs and scouted a random zone.
Did you enjoy the Backwards Tarantula wave?
The hardest part was that stupid manticore hit RNG, everything else in Advanced 8 was a meme. You can throw NTWMod at the Patroller for extra hilarity. It's just taunt -> AFK.
Darn, I do not have NTW sadly. Otherwise, I presume they behave exactly the same as they were in Shattered Connexion?
It's only one patroller, so I think it's much easier. Most people just taunt and clear it damage-less.
What do you think happens to people who have to fight the Manticore/Tarantula node?
Whenever they appear, you're probably going to take some damage.
Yep. Killing them isn't hard, but killing them without losing links can be painful if RNG is not friendly that day.

Whoops. I forgot to CE stack. 


HAH. My score was higher. Get rekt, kid.

What's up guys, I just got home. 

Holy SHIT. 

I knew EN was gonna go that again.

Alright. Fuck this. I am fed up. It's time to make a video. I'm gonna go to the hardware store real quick. 

Did you not vote A?

I made this bet that if A won three times in a row, Kira and I have to put on thigh socks for the day. 

I might need Karmotrine to flush my eyes after this one...
So do I open an OnlyFans?
Only if I can be your photographer.

This is how you recover from the massive Youtube demonetization you face every video. 

What works, works, man.
Does it matter? Fury's soft programmer sock clad thighs will blow them out of the water.
Okay, Hass. We get it.

Move along now before we run into trouble with the advertising division.

In any case, even though A won, I thought EN would hold B harder. 

Honestly, me too. Maybe EN is learning something.
It might not be the right thing, but it's still something.
Are you kidding? This is EN we are dealing with. You know they will jump on chance to vote for C if it is neutral and not take advantage of the A win. History has repeated itself time and time again.
Ceia also voted A on stream, so everyone needs to vote B. Quickly. He actually may have skewed this vote despite complaining that Matt leaks his votes everyday.
Oh, good. My B vote feels better now. Although, how many people will see that vote an go B because 'people are going to follow Ceia....' and now I risk feeling stupid again.
As Cleista said, censoring Ceia is only funny for so long. My options were either have him not vote - which was not an option, or leak it everyday and let chaos ensue. I clearly chose chaos.



CEIA, YOU..... nyatle

All part of the master plan.
Ceia, you damn onion.
I think I am going to go get drunk and die, that sounds like a better option than trying to have brains.
You should try some Karmotrine of the End EX.
Okay. I'm in.


Day 7 Predictions
Panelists Zone Reason
Brekkie A Those who are cowardly, scared, and are not willing to put your lives on the line,leave the Mount of Ashes now for you are not worthy.Those who are mighty, brave, and aren't pussies,we celebrate a toast to ourselves as we win 𝗔nother victory
Jesse C look its going to go neutral and im scared of flipping a or bbecause whichever one i pick is going to be the losing one
Xyn A my friend stops playing Apex/watching Vtubers at fucking 2 am holy shit let me sleep
Ceia A Time to take a gamble
Diggus B Kira's feet pics :ak12lick:
Kira A A for orsange
Mars B According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway. Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.”
Kyazuki A "There's no way it's triple A, right?" - Me shortly before it wasn't triple A earlier this theatre. BUT TODAY'S THE DAY. BIG MONEY NO WHAMMIES
Gaige B Still saving up some money for the AWP.
Lego B B bed with ceia
Soulmuse B Going to wager EN has finally learned, and we see a small flip flop this time, then back to the A train. Why do I think this? Why does anyone think anything? Honestly this is probably the point where my accuracy starts taking a serious dive so have fun.
Furrytomic A Prevent A Winning streak from getting worse
Matt A People will ditch A to B and C
Hassium A My milk froze today. Ice > Ace > Vote A. It's a sign.
Hakurai B [A]-Train has left the station on a Compound V run, so this time my [B]ody is telling me to vote B. Something like "fool me thrice, I'll probably not fall for it again." C will be neutral, and people will start doubting themselves and vote A, probably.
Etrikia A How abou' I ask youz A question instead, bub?
BLT B Ceia voted A on stream.
Coin C ...Is the coin drunk or just me?
Dahblount B B is incredibly likely due to the Ceia effect and the tendency of EN to not go on extremely long A streaks.
Destination B Abandon A, I repeat, abandon A
Duck B B for Belkan, born and raised
Cleista C Gamble
Seres A a for arekkie
Soup B Game time started XziLNeFm1ok

Coin voted for Day 8 instead. I had to fix it for him. 

Coin is living in the future apparently.

Karmotrine...of the End....EX...

Looks more split this time. This will be interesting. Cleista...are you gambling on C?
See, I think C could win. But if I tell people that, then it won't. C win is too juicy of a rumor to go unnoticed. 
I anticipate sadness coming in the morning.
As the expert in C voting, C will not win. It might neutral depending the shift, but A voters this time are super volatile - more so than usual. C voters stick it out in the long run.
The evidence you showed me for a C loss seems to validate my point instead though.

Today is really anyone's game now though. 

You know when you walk into someone and do the little juke dance - you both go the same way a few times. This is how scouting is, but we do not know the number of jukes in our dance routine here. 

You say that, but we all know in reality it is a guaranteed A win.


So, it is a tie between A and B, with drunk Coin saying C...again. It's a close one! Don't forget to subscribe to Fury's OnlyFans!


Do not forget to do BOTH of your runs if you haven't already, and send your drones. After you cast your vote, remember to do your daily CBT! Have any memes/propaganda? Share them with Matt on Twitter, Discord (Vote C Fairy in Girl's Frontline EN Official, Girl's Frontline Corner and Gamepress Community Discords), Reddit, or Email

Want to take a look at previous data? You can find Matt's charts for Theater 1, Theater 2 and Theater 3 here! 

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