Theater III Betting Episode 8: Consequences

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Episode late. Don't forget to tweet #BlameDuck and #BlameShrimpy on Twitter.

After Action Report: Day 7



But A won....

C only lost by .05%. I said C would go down, and guess what. It went down. No one believed me, though I was right. 

Hey, I voted C too. 

You are the 0.05% that denied me 100 points per drone. I knew that if I leaked a possible C win, it would not happen. Look what fucking happened. 

Personally, I think I am the best scouter.

Holy shit, so close. 

If the 0.03% difference on day 5 was 5 people, then A won by 6 today, give or take. Everyone who voted C owes me 50 points per drone, by the way.
I'm glad I didn't follow your vote.
Yeah. It means I won't be sending you glitter in the mail today.
I think it'll stay A today? I don't really know.

[Incoherent screaming]

Wait no, people will dogpile C.
But it could go be tomorrow with how B did today.
I would like to interrupt this moment of contemplation by reminding everyone that voting A for Lee Enfield's Ass has served me well for 4 days in a row.
Alright I'm voting for B.
Thank you for the sacrifice.


C only has a chance of winning when: 

  • It hovers around mid to low 30% range and it losses today
  • We move to core

Since C is neutral today, there is no way that it would win tomorrow.

You're just pretending to know what you are talking about. C was 6 people from taking the win.
Look man, it's so hard to discuss who will win tomorrow, because any sort of analysis made by somebody would directly affect the vote. It's like Schrodinger's cat, the simple move of observation would affect the result.

 No, you know what, let's just all vote A so that Brekkie loses.


I already got GFEN on board. Even Fiddlekins stopped his 49-vote C streak to contribute to the cause. That's how serious we are.


[Scoring Chair-tender's note: Since this Episode is late, it was found that Brekkie actually voted B in game, and actually won. For the purposes of Panel scoring, his in-panel vote will remain "A" as this was a backstab attempt and not a genuine accident.]
Just because you got a bunch of people to vote A doesn't mean it is going to lose....
Uh huh...







I voted A, but C will win tomorrow. Trust me.
No, I do not think it will.
You thought A wouldn't get a quad-win.
It wouldn't have if I kept my mouth shut about C.
Bwekkie-chan o pwease gib meh ur masochistic uwuisdom. Should I vote A again?

Never type like that again. 

Have you all seen Division Collab Announcement? 



Chapter 12 is coming before Division....genius. It was on the Roadmap you know, oh and on Twitter. 

Rogue Protocol Engaged.
This won't give us any time between Theater ending and Division starting.

At least the event is quite easy. I thought it was quite good to be fair with you. 

Do you think we will still have to buy the costumes with real money?
That is likely to happen, in my opinion.
Some people will not like that.
We had this before with the Guilty Gear/Blazblue collab, and well, if you're the type of person who buys costume packages frequently, it's pretty likely that you were buying gems anyway. I think it's not as big of a deal as some people make it out to be.
Look forward to the Division Collab guides from myself and Arikira when the event is out!


Day 7 Predictions

Those of you who failed to vote A are traitors. Now Brekkie will win again and claim this is somehow prophetic and not just him luccsaccing into points.

But I'm not smart enough for an A on that quiz. 

It's not like Ceia voting based on grades worked out.

I forgot to send advantaged dolls today, okay.



LOL. Noob. Matt scored higher.
You spent hours CE stacking then accidentally retreated with 0 safe withdrawals left.
You're not supposed to tell anyone about that.
Lego, would you wanna explain yourself?
Understandable, have a nice 25 points per drone.


So...Raphael15 made a silly gamble wherein he would scrap his maxed Groza if A won 4 days in a row.
Will he deliver?
People really need to stop gambling on such easy odds. A quad-A is so...soo...likely to happen at least once.
Oh, he sure did.
I wonder what our readers who don't have her will think.
Imagine Groza every being relevant again with the next ranking maps being during the daylight.




Most of the panel says A, Lego says C. Will Lego backstab everyone? Will Brekkie's Reign of Chaos end? Find out tomorrow.; Later today.


Do not forget to do BOTH of your runs if you haven't already, and send your drones. After you cast your vote, remember to do your daily CBT! Have any memes/propaganda? Share them with Matt on Twitter, Discord (Vote C Fairy in Girl's Frontline EN Official, Girl's Frontline Corner and Gamepress Community Discords), Reddit, or Email

Want to take a look at previous data? You can find Matt's charts for Theater 1, Theater 2 and Theater 3 here! 

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