Theater III Betting Episode 9: Breaking Brekkie

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After Action Report: Day 8

Day 8 After Action Report
The operation is successful, A did not win. Let's see how Brekkie reacts to this.


Brekkie voted B and won

Excuse me, WHAT?

Brekkie, the greatest advocate for A, voted B. Bruh moment.
I voted A for the entire first week and voted B the start of the second week. What's wrong with that?
Brekkie lied as naturally as he breathed.


Because you lied and voted A in the form, that cost us the score lead. Now we're tied 111-111 Brazil-Dalao.

Day 8 Leaderboard

Uh, for legal purposes, I accidentally pressed A and meant to actually vote B.
You can't just rewrite history and pretend your quint A shilling didn't happen. We have the chatlogs.

Matt delete those channels now, please.

I knew B would win but I voted A to ensure the Brekkie loss, and yet there he is, having lied to all of us with a fake vote.
Can't believe I have been betrayed by this braincoat Dorothy and bamboozled.
Believe in the B for Brekkie.

B for Brazil.

The hexa-A meme is dead now, huh.
I don't have to give Dorothy an oath ring now.
Should we be encouraging Brekkie's lies and deceit like season 1 Ceia?
The fact that Brekkie voted for B when everyone tried to backstab him shows that he's a lil bitch for pussying out of the A vote he said he'd do.
You know what, Brekkie, this is war. Today we're going to collectively vote for whatever you're voting for.
But I already do that every day.
It better be A because that's what RNGesus told me to vote for today.
Brekkie sacrificed the panel victory for in-game points.
This man has no principles. I'll never respect him again.
Damn you're out for blood today.
We better see red tomorrow.
Well, since the GP team is doomed anyway, it wouldn't hurt to join you on this.
The amount of damage this one raincoat-wearing Dorothy has done to our democracy is immeasurable.
Wait, we're still a democracy? I thought this panel was pure anarchy.
I believe we're an oligarchy of some sort. Only a few people can mess with the votes.
A democracy implies that our voting actually makes a difference. It doesn't.


I think C should get more votes today. 35% is a low bar for C.
That means it's back to the basic age-old question of "A or B"?
You mean "To B, or not to B".
You know what, I'm gonna vote C just for the meme.
C campers are a threat to society.
C stands for Can't win.
Vote C to push Cleista out of a C win again.

Remember, if anyone wants to know Brekkie's real vote, he can always be bribed with Dorothy fanart.

Send them to Needed Breakfast#0113 on Discord

Please help he's got a gun to my head he's gonna-

We've evolved past the need for bribing Brekkie. It's time for action.
Every time he backstabs, we break a finger. Capiche?
Brekkie has voted for B. You know what to do, everyone.
I'll vote C today for half a pack of ramen and a stick of gum.
Have you no integrity?!
I don't think the double B is gonna happen. All these days of A victory and when it neutrals, it didn't even lose by that much.
I'll have to think about it some more, but I think A will win today.
JP is just EN with more parachute fairies.

For the longest time (5 days) the people of Japan were subjected to the tyranny of A.

People pray for the land of the rising sun,

They pray that one day the glorious C votes would ris- I mean plummet to the depths of the abyss

They pray that a hero would appear and knock some senses into their A-sian brains

"No more!" said apple as he swore to destroy the A conspirators with facts and logic



On a different note, how accurate are Manticores?
A decent amount, but funnily enough less than Dinergates. Those have stupidly high accuracy.
Doggos have high Accuracy?
Have you checked, bro? This one doggo I'm looking at has 143 accuracy.
The one I'm checking has 141 accuracy. Wow.
Unfortunately, a more broad implication that "all meleeing enemies have high accuracy" is incorrect since Aegis/Guard/Brute enemies are inaccurate. Dinergates, Tarantulas, and Orthus have high accuracy.
I think pathfinders technically count too? They have like 100 accuracy. Kratos also have 90+, but we don't have to fight those yet.
Brutes also get a pretty massive Accuracy buff in general after Isomer EX. They start having 90+ accuracy instead of ~10.
Melee ELIDs have about 60-70 as well.
What a pain.

We're still not in Core Zone yet. 5% away.

Still no core zone

At least it'll be core tomorrow.
Remember to save some materials so you can fully scout tomorrow.


Day 9 Predictions

Well done guys, we'll bring Brekkie down with us.
I did my part. We all die together.



I'm capping off this episode with a FUCK BREKKIE. Sorry. I just had to get that in before the episode ends.


Do not forget to do BOTH of your runs if you haven't already, and send your drones. Don't dump all your materials today, or you won't have enough to scout with tomorrow. After you cast your vote, remember to do your daily CBT! Have any memes/propaganda? Share them with Matt on Twitter, Discord (Vote C Fairy in Girl's Frontline EN Official, Girl's Frontline Corner and Gamepress Community Discords), Reddit, or Email

Want to take a look at previous data? You can find Matt's charts for Theater 1, Theater 2 and Theater 3 here! 

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