Theater III Betting Episodes 16+17: Decisive Victory

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After Action Report: Day 15


Wait a minute...ceia

Hold up one minute. Which is it then? I voted B, I hope that it is the one Ceia posted.
Wait, okay. I hope the second one is at least real. I got baited.
Seres! Stop tricking EN!
Damn you, Seres. Theater III Coming out with more fake news than GandKTV News.

You know you are banned, right?

By the way, this Panel is sponsored by our lovely sponsor, Rad Morridow Legends GandKTV News.

You can't sponsor yourself. 

I thought that was common practice, like awkward segues to sponsors. 

By the way, you can buy Jill's exclusive cocktail shaker now at (not really)

Why the Canadian techtuber and not Tech Jesus? No taste. 

Shush. Don't you have more pressing matters to attend to, like getting the real vote out of Brekkie?

As the host, you're supposed to be neutral, no? 

Sorry man, some random guy named hokor1 showed up with this thing. 

Gotta do my job. 


So Brekkie, hand it over, or I take your legs. Again. This time, I will not be so nice to bring you back.




This is what you get for betraying your destiny, o-false prophet of Mt. Ashes. 

Hey Team Dalao, what about today's vote?

Should we go into A as hard as our Kar-coin investment? Or do you think B will win?

Do I think B will win? I stopped thinking a few days ago, so...

Wait a minute are not a Dalao. Why did you answer?

I'm not a dalao either, so why am I on this team...

You guess funny letters right a lot. 

Looking at the score, Team Gamepress is literally being carried by a bowl of Soup....

Discussion: Day 16

I voted B today. I am getting in B-ed with Diggus.

The ghosts of A and B in a bed. Ooooohhh.

This is not allowed.

Wait a minute, I thought you had to recharge that-


It's not charged enough for a full snap yet, what did you do?
He's been A-bandoned.

This ISN'T FUNNY Matt, I still have PTSD from seeing raincoats on SC ranking...

This is what you choose to do with Corsage's Gauntlet.....troll Brekkie?
'Tis the penalty for Drone Manipulation and Reconnaissance Fraud.
Alright, out with it, how long have you been planning this for?

A pretty long time. I approached The Mad Mimic and asked him for ideas on how to troll Brekkie.

Since I knew Brekkie would eventually A-bandon A, we decided that making him an Abandoned Isomer would be a good idea. A-bandoned B-rekkie it is. Until I am nice enough to return him to normal. 

Be careful Brekkie, he might make you an ELID next if EN gets 100% Collapse Juice. 

Is that really what they're calling it? 

Nah, I just stole it from the thread. 

Can I complain about how hard this Minotaur node is?
Getting filtered, Xyn?
I blame bad RNG.

Anyways, we've held steady at A < B < C for 3 days now.

The votes are at 31.76%, 33.83%, and 34.41% as of this morning. Where is it gonna go now? 

I don't expect C to lose, but between A and B, A should win. 

B is still stuck where it has been for days now. 

What's gonna happen next? 

I think C could go neutral.

Maybe. But I am going back to A today.
I would need to follow up with the chart, but I believe A and C are pivoting around B at the moment. Everyone is holding B.

In comparison to this wildcard of scouting, at least the actual Core 8 fight is chill now that we're used to clearing it. 

Theater 4 is more of the same, right? 

Don't worry, Theater 5 is going to bring us some of those backline targeting tanks.

EN is going to cope so hard when they see that one.

Those guys are fun. They shoot the backline, but otherwise aren't any special. 

hint hint

Cross formation new meta?

Don't worry, Theater 5, Advanced 8 has SWAP Brutes and-


It's true! Don't take it out on me!

It's a day battle, so despite it being SWAP Strikers and SWAP Brutes, it's not actually that bad. 

Funny story - EN might get filtered as soon as Advanced 1 on Theater 5.

For some reason, Advanced 1 is stacked as shit compared to the next 5 nodes in Advanced. Theater 5 is weird. 

You know, since I'm in last place for scouting, just do the opposite of me and you'll get great success.
I should work out how many points I lost from my fucking up. I am curious.
Did you get filtered like Matt?
Nah, I forgot to scout twice and I forgot bonus dolls a few times.

Ah, that's unfortunate.

At least forgetting a day of scouting drones isn't too bad. Matt might not make the top 15% due to him forgetting two days of runs and failing Core 8 once - that's a much bigger point loss than not scouting. 

Ahem, I have an announcement to make here.
I knew you could finish Core 8 if you tried.
Was that luck or skill?
Run 1 was Luck. Run 2 was Skill.
Will Run 3 be 100% Concentrated Power of Will?

As long as I kite the Minotaurs properly, I can almost zero damage them now.

Twin Fairy works like a fucking charm. Just have to DPS hard and avoid units dying to grenades

If you cannot get into the top 15% again, get to the top 30% at least, and kick ass in Theater IV to get into the top 5% and you will get your 5 star QLZ.
If I keep clearing Core 8 I think I can sneak back into the top 15%. A lot of EN is facing filtration at this point.

Predictions: Day 16

Panelists Zone Reason
Ceia B 50-50 toss up
Xyn B haha no [b]rain no more
Diggus B feet
Diggus B too tired to guess
Jesse C B isn't working out
Gaige B Why aren't my Customs runs getting any better?
Lego B 🚀🚀🚀TO THE MOON🚀🚀🚀
Kyazuki B I continue to B bed as I said prior.
Kira A B GME
Red A I'm not horny voting today. Yes, believe it or not.I wanna just preach the good word of the adorable KCCO robot known as Kratos. I love it and the little :] face it's pulling. So yeah, A vote today. Remember to headpat your nearest Kr[a]tos today.
Mars C cats
Dahblount B Perhaps it's going change today?
Duck C C for cores from 12-4e
BLT B Imagine B winning in EN
Hakurai B So at this point I'm pretty sure people will be like, "Wow, A won again. It shouldn't happen again so now I'm convinced I'll vote A." So I'm voting B since it's been burned for a while. And I'm 60% sure I'm wrong.
Soulmuse A Fed my rabbit a banana so B is right out. Flipped a coin, tails is closer to A than B
Destination A Small percentage differences in the votes + people pulling away from A
Furrytomic C Drones Say $[Redacted]
Seres B b
Coin A Just barely missed it yesterday. Damn.
Cleista B Brekkie ditched yesterday so I'm ditching today.
Hassium A idk lol. guess we'll find out
Soup B GME stocks locked, doomp eet ( and GFalarm also agreed today)
Etrikia A the other two seem likely therefore vote the unexpected

Wait, if everyone voted B... oh no...

I've come to learn that letting my cats pick is a better idea than trying to think about this. 

After Action Report: Day 16

I blame C win on Ceia streaming his B vote.
I can't do that, I just guessed wrong again.
Wait what...I am sorry...WHAT won today?
I do not even know where to scout now.
I feel I might lose the rest of theater. My brain is done. No thoughts, head EN.

I guess the cat method worked out, huh. 

N-No way.

That is a legit result, right? Ok. Time to get back to work.

And by work, I mean 12-4E

12-4E is pretty comfy. 

Speaking of 12-4E, my MAT-49 came quickly. Only missing DP-12 for the full collection again.

I didn't get a single MAT-49 drop for 160 runs, then somehow got 6 by the 200th run. 


Why did I vote B?!

You betrayed your Epithet, Ceia. 

Serves you right. 

Since Potato guessed two C wins right, I think he's set for #1 unless he messes up big time. 

It's time for me to camp C chair for the remainder of Theater.

That implies C will win two days in a row again. That won't happen, right? 

Don't worry, even if the C casket gets buried, Matt might actually make top 15%.

The minotaurs are filtering a lot more players than we initially expected. 

For people who don't know what they're doing, just use Carcano M91/38, a shield HG like HS2000, and try something like this. 

There are countless other examples for different team compositions, see the Teambuilding Guide for videos and scroll through for Minotaur clips - explains it much easier than text. 

Don't tell EN how to do those. I need them to collectively get filtered by Minotaurs. 

You can't say unethical things like that in public, normal people like us can't get away with that.

The Minotaurs aren’t fun, but god damn. They’re at least not cripples-your-RFHG-team levels of bad if you can kite.

It’s pretty nice that this Core 8 favors RFHG comps for both clearing and CE Stack. It means your CE stack teams can at least be productive. 

You're just saying that because it lets you field Lee.

GFL is a waifu collection game after all. 

I thought this was a tryhard e-Sports title.
WOOO! I am in 52nd place on the leaderboards! LETS FUCKING GOOOO!
Soup is definitely the Dalao in this room. Wins at Theater, and carries the entire Brazil team in betting score.
As for me, I am back at 19% today. May the rest of EN be blessed with 10 Minotaurs per run.

That's not even physically possible in Theater 3. They capped the number of spawns of each type. 

No more getting 7 MAX shielded enemies with 6 BGM charges. 

Just use GFAlarm and see the waves ahead of time, then you can plan your fairy point and HOC usage from the start and not have to guess. 

Do you have any idea how lazy we are?

So, where are we scouting today?
I'm still reeling from the C win. How many 40’s do I owe? 3?
Better A Big Beer than Karmotrine of the End….EX ofc.
Haku, please save your death until after this Panel ends at least.

If we compared alcohol consumed by volume, I am sure Matt beats me on a regular basis. 

I wonder how good his tolerance to the stuff is? Did you know one can of 4loko is about a bottle of wine?

Oh, be careful there.
We have seen this man pop open a liter and a half of Moscato and finish it within the hour, and go to war with Cleista in a CIV game for like 300 years, and then proceed to finish the SECOND bottle - also a liter and a half.
...and still make his 8am flight.
...My God.

Discussion: Day 17

Should I go for A again, or gamble on double C?
At the very least, I learned my lesson: no voting after doing dishes. Caused both of my losses.
What does Matt’s trend line say about quad A wins?
EN is trending closer to “normal” as time passes
C is unlikely. There was a double C before, but people have short memory. Everyone will jump right on C train.
Since Haku said that, does that mean C will win now?

I'm serious this time! I'm pretty sure that given what we saw last time, people will jump on C just to spite it.

Vote A. Got it.
I think there might be a downward B trend after being stuck at 33% for ages though.

Looking at Discord, I see most people spamming C.

B was also very common, so they might also go B, which leaves A as a likely winner.

"B is due for a win" is a dangerous game. Too bad I am about 150IQ short of knowing what to do with this information. 

At least your IQ is high enough to avoid this mistake I made. 


You know what happens if C wins twice in a row, two times in a Theater? The fabric of the universe falls A-part.
I should snap you, but the gauntlet is recharging.
What I'm trying to say is that I will be very surprised if C wins again.

Predictions: Day 17

Panelists Zone Reason
Diggus A How come every episode jokes about skewering votes, but I only get to read about them after the next day results are already in. How are you gonna manipulatEN if you post these a day late? Where will I get my handholding? Where will I find a letter endorsed by suomi vtubed as 416 child mod that I can blindly follow through this dark misery of theater 3?! Why must I wait another day to see the reactions to double C?!?!
Gaige B I'm not gonna let Customs beat me at the Dorms
Jesse C duy the bip
Brekkie B If you're not grinding 12-4e, I dont know whats wrong with you
Kyazuki B B bed as prescribed
Ceia A eh, A wins after C win usually
Xyn C Big brain? Brainlet? No, just Brain.
Mars A h
Soulmuse C Risk it for the neutral
Duck B ez neutral
Etrikia A too tired to think
Seres B blease
Destination B I'm voting for the losing zone, always
Dahblount A That was a mistake. Let's hope C doesn't win again.
Furrytomic A If GFL Theater Voting A wins, and $GME Stonks meme hard tomorrow with profit,I will gladly buy someone a GFL Division collab package of Vector or 416 while wearing my Scuffed IDW Cosplay.
Coin C "Our troops are asking for a rally point. Where should they go?""To war."
Cleista C Hail Mary
Kira C Cum
Hakurai A yknow, i need to drink a total of 3 40's now. Which is good enough. That's the Cerberus Number :3. Coincidentally, that's the number of times C won when I didn't vote it. If I had a nickel every time that happened, I'd have 3 nickels, which would probably get me like 2 dogecoin. wew. wew, I say.
Hassium B Brain.exe has stopped running due to error. Would you like to run diagnostics? Y/N Now restarting...
Soup A its 3 am and theresNOtiIIIMesendhelp
Should've known this was a waste of a vote.

Oh no don't go jinxing it just because some of us want 100 points. 


Do not forget to do BOTH of your Core 8 runs if you haven't already, and send your drones. You can dump your materials after you vote today if you want. After you cast your vote, remember to do your daily CBT! Have any memes/propaganda? Share them with Matt on Twitter, Discord (Vote C Fairy in Girl's Frontline EN Official, Girl's Frontline Corner and Gamepress Community Discords), Reddit, or Email

Want to take a look at previous data? You can find Matt's charts for Theater 1, Theater 2 and Theater 3 here! 

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