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Core 8 Low Rarity Fairy Clear

This is an example to show that Core 8 is clearable without high rarity fairies.

The kiting and team compositions are not necessarily optimal, though it proves the point that you can do this even with just average kiting.

Team comps, skill levels, and fairy levels/rarities are in the video description. 

TL;DR (updated each day)

Day 10 onward: Core Zone 8 (Boss Node w/ Judge) has unlocked!

Clear the highest difficulty Core Zone you can clear (up to Core 8 today) twice if you can do it! Please see the Low Rarity Core 8 Clear video below if you have trouble!

Core is actually somewhat like the previous difficulties compressed into 8 maps. You can think of Core roughly as follows: 

  • Core 1-3: Elementary (Easy)
  • Core 4-6: Intermediate (Normal)
  • Core 7-8: Advanced (Hard)

See bonus units here

Today's Scouting Recommendation: Stay tuned for the Theater Betting episodes each day!

Day 12+ Max Drone Count: 96

Day 12 scouting max drones

Your score gain (before spending materials) if you did everything correctly today: Varies based on your "Combat Efficiency Against Elite Units"!

Score gained vs. Core 8 Judge (13k CE, +24% Advantaged Doll Bonus)
Score gained vs. Core 8 Judge (13k CE, +24% Advantaged Doll Bonus)

CE Stacking has very diminishing returns! Please focus on surviving the waves.

It's much better to get very slightly less score (the difference between low CE and optimal is literally less than 1% of final score) than risk failing a run and losing 32k entirely!

Don't make the same mistake as people who tried to ram Core 8 with CE stack team and had to retreat!

Core 8 Pointers (Boss: Judge)

Judge info
Don't spend too much time CE stacking, focus on getting teams that can clear the mobs easily!

Surviving Core 8's regular enemy spawns is not easy! Please see the below video for an example clear. 

If you cannot clear Core 8, it is recommended to fall back to Core 6 or Core 3 and clear one of those instead. 

If you are one of the few people who can clear Core 8 enemies without taking damage, you can CE stack it the same way as Advanced 8 - with MGSG.

Core 8 is fairly difficult! Check out the enemies in the Teambuilding Guide and plan accordingly, because you'll likely have a hard time if you don't! 

EN Theater Core 8 Clear Video by FantastGRD

EN Theater Core 8 Clear Video by kfourit

EN Theater Core 8 Clear Video by Kyazuki


3/31 update: Updated the FAQ and advantaged T-Doll list. (Thanks Arcus!) Added TL;DR section above. 

3/30 update: Updated the FAQ to help clarify some common questions about scoring.

3/28 update: Updated the FAQ to answer the CE stacking question.

3/21 update: Added the Theater Teambuilding Guide. Updated the FAQ.

3/20 update: Added the FAQ.

Commander, remember when you told IOP to help build a new battle drill site and help G&K undergo strenuous training every single day when it's done? Kalin has some very exciting news to tell you!
Eh? You don't remember that at all?
I-It's okay! I'm sure it'll be a piece of cake for you. Here's a letter I wrote to help you out; you can click on it for more information!
Note from Kalina, made by Ysas of GFLCorner. Theater System Introduction by GFC

In totally unrelated news, G&K is opening its first casino! We'll be betting on the Theater scouting results this time with exclusive guests including FuryTomic, Ceia, Kirahuang from GFLCorner, as well as Dusk and Kyazuki from!

The stakes are apparently so high that some of them ran away after hearing about it... I wonder what they could be. 

Well, no matter! More famous EN commanders will be joining us in the upcoming days for a 21-day journey through Theater, so stay tuned!

Thanks to Ysas for this cute AT4 animation!

How can I prepare for Theater?

As mentioned in the guide linked above, there will be bonus dolls you can field for additional stats.

Bonus T-Dolls grant a minimum of 5% bonus each, scaling up to 8% at level 100. The total bonus cannot exceed 24% (so 3x Lv. 100 bonus T-Dolls caps it out).

This is the bonus list for EN Theater, which is largely identical to the Theater 3 bonus list from CN:

Basic 1-4 Springfield Thompson P7 Skorpion Tokarev
Basic 5-8 Type 97 Shotgun Type 95 Type 97 NZ75 9A-91
Intermediate 1-4 M99 Thunder 100 Shiki Ameli GSh-18
Intermediate 5-8 HMG21 USAS-12 DSR-50 Ribeyrolles SPR A3G
Advanced 1-4 Type 79 Carcano M1891 SPAS-12 T91 Super Shorty
Advanced 5-8 K2 Suomi Kar98k JS05 QBU-88
Core 1-3 Type 97 Shotgun Type 95 Type 97 NZ75 9A-91
Core 4-6 HMG21 USAS-12 DSR-50 Ribeyrolles SPR A3G
Core 7-8 K2 Suomi Kar98k JS05 QBU-88

Players are recommended to level any non-duplicate dolls they have in their armory that they may find useful in the future.

I have the dolls, what kind of teams do I need?

The teams you need are pretty straightforward for everything except Core 8; for more information, check out the Theater Team Building Guide by Yuko!


Which stages should I clear daily?

Do one clear on the area with support bonus, then do one run on the hardest difficulty you can handle. For more information on optimizing this, you can see the advice from DMesse in Episode 1.

How often can I miss Theater?

You should not miss a single day if you care about % placement rewards. Missing even one day of Theater can drop you 5% or more in rankings (not an exaggeration)!

Since it doesn't take long to do Theater (maybe 15-30 mins), it is highly recommended for all players to do it every day. 

Where can I find the bonus doll list?

You can view it in-game, or scroll up. 

I don't have most of the bonus units, am I boned?

Bonus units are a significant portion of your score, but being able to clear all of the content will put you way ahead of most players. (Most players won't have the bonus units either - it's a common problem! So relative to the average player, you're probably fine.)

Do I need to fight with my bonus units?

No, you can simply put your bonus units in one of the echelons you build.

As a reminder, the 24% cap can be reached with either 5x Lv. 1 bonus units or 3x Lv. 100 bonus units.

When should I start building facilities?

Players should save their materials for Phase 2 (Core Zone). You can spend some on Hard Zone Fairy/HOC buildings when they unlock if desired, but it's highly likely that players who do not read guides will invest an adequate amount in them. 

Should I recover an advantaged doll if I scrapped her?

You only get one recovery per week, so it is recommended to only recover Hard 8/Core 8 bonus units if you need to. 

I'm bad at scouting, does that mean I can't get a high %?

You can easily place in the top 5% (if not top 1%) even if you scout randomly, because most of your points come from being able to clear Core 8 consistently with as much bonus as possible. Scouting luck mostly evens out in the long run and won't matter nearly as much as the combat portion of Theater. 

Can I get AT4 to ★★★★★ if I place high enough?

In a single run of Theater, there isn't enough Central Data to max out its reward HOC. (Top 5% gets you 4★)

The fastest possible pace at which players can earn enough points to 5★ AT4 is by placing Top 15% in two separate runs of Theater. 

So Theater isn't a one-time thing? How often does it happen?

Theater is a relatively new feature even in CN. It's expected to happen 3-4 times per year, though EN's schedule may change. 

When does Core unlock?

Core only unlocks when the server has fully cleared the three other stages

Do I need 5-star HOCs to do Core 8?

Not at all! You can clear Core 8 even with 2★ HOCs if you bring the right team

Do I need to CE stack to do well? 

You don't! The point difference from CE stacking is negligible compared to factors outside of your control like Scouting multipliers. (Make sure you bring as many bonus units as you can though!)

Top 100 is at the mercy of guessing correctly and percentile cutoffs depend more on your ability to do the daily checklist (seen in Kalina's letter above) than anything else. If you can clear Core 8 consistently then top 15% is pretty much guaranteed, if not top 5%.

What are some essential fairies for Theater?

  • Taunt Fairy is extremely good, perhaps even mandatory (at relatively high Skill Level, 8-10; SL10 highly recommended). 
  • Because you cannot use duplicates, Twin Fairy can be a good fallback if you need to give an HP sponge to multiple teams. 
  • Combat Fairies with meaningful skills (Airstrike, Warrior, Anna, etc.) will usually be more useful than strategy fairies, with the exception of strong stat sticks. 
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