Theater V Betting: Prologue Episode

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Welcome to Theater Betting Panel V, where this time we have a special 6 Episode series instead of the usual daily betting. Featuring the casts of all Theater Betting Panels past, we hope you'll enjoy seeing everyone one last time in this setting!

The Journey Begins

Tweet tweet, Tweet tweet.  Tweet.

Thanks, GFLTwitter! It's time for Theater 5! I don't remember if I left enough rations for the current Panel team, so let's do a surprise productivity check!

**the door opens, but to a barren wasteland**

Mad World - Gary Jules
Where did the panel go? Heck, where did the Panel Closet--I mean room go?

Theater V: The End of Theater Betting Panel

Let's calm down and think: What would Cleista do? The best way would be to ask Cleista. Time to use the "Cleista Detector"! In any civilized society this blatant violation of privacy would be a crime, but you gotta get with the apocalyptic times.

*Ding! Ding! Ding!*

Oh, hey Cleista, you were right behind me this whole time?
I look away for a few seasons and this is what happens? Give me that.
Awesome! By the way, what would you do if you had no one to do a theater panel?
Didn't I dump everything on Matt?
Yeah, about that…
Hmm, I see. That's what happened, huh. I suppose finding where everyone went would be a good start.
I compiled a list of Panel participants, so we can start looking from there. In the meantime, I found these rations I forgot to give the panelists!
I don't think slackers deserve rations.
Don't let M16 hear that.


Closing Remarks

On the next episode, we go on an adventure to find the Dalaos of Theater I! The episodes are complete but what's theater without some betting? Put down your predictions on what will happen during theater 1's episode! As based or as mundane as possible. Hint: Theater 1 will feature the EN Dalaos.

Feel free to send your favorite theater memes and memories as well - this time we're trying to make the Omake from audience participation!

To participate, you can reply to this article, reply to the tweet on GamePress Twitter, comment on the reddit post or ping/send messages to me via discord at Hakurai#1379! We'll see you soon!