Through the Looking Glass - Judgement and Impediment EX (e4ex)

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Missions and Clear Conditions

Mission: Capture all Helipads

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • M4A1 mod2+ Stechkin and Zip.22

Clear Steps

The beans in this map have 10 times more HP than the previous map, so we have to bust out so more powerful tools here. M4 mod2+ is perfect for the job.
I have downgraded my M4 here to use an almost maxed #2 Chip instead of her SPEQ, and combined with Zip (Stechkin MUST be leader of the Echelon) and Stechkin, M4 has just enough RoF and damage to kill everything in time.
With a better fairy and M4's SPEQ, as well as for example Calico mod or Webley instead, this is even easier, but this is already completely fine.

Some minor kiting is required:
Zip must block pos9 so that the second bean can be killed before all the nightmares, after which simply pull her back to the back column.

The Mech NPC is absolutely atrocious compared to normal Vehicles, only has one weapon and it's skill doesn't even auto-fire... it can only take one fight, but that fight shouldn't be much of an issue. You will have to manually fire the skill at the enemy (and you can't hit the top row Nightmares).

Video Guides:

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