Through the Looking Glass - Stolen Dreams EX (e5ex)

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Missions and Clear Conditions

Mission: Defeat both Bosses

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • SCARs or extremely strong ARSMG. T64 with SPEQ-set recommended.

Clear Steps

This map is geared towards having high end Dolls and Fairies, and lacking the tools to make it easy will make it just an absolute pain in the ass. If you don't have SCARs or Ribeymod/Starset/G11mod then just do Normal.

We are using SCARs here because they make all the fights a complete cakewalk. Together with T64 and her SPEQ-set, this is just moving into positions at the start of the fights and then afking.

Team info:
SCAR-L when combined with SCAR-H just has absurd DPS, and the yellow tiles make you immune to Takashi's stupid AoE.
P22 and K5 are just generic HGs that honestly don't do much here because they don't help SCAR-L's damage.
T64's SPEQ-set summons clones that tank everything for us. Incredibly strong.

The Hidden Achievement is for not using Camouflage detection at all.

Some kiting is required to gain good results in combat. If you do not understand retargeting and range extension/manipulation, read the Kiting Basics guide.

Video Guides:

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