Through the Looking Glass - Wish EX (e3ex)

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Missions and Clear Conditions

Mission: Maintain a Supply Line for 2 turns

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • Scarecrow with Phantom Stance as a dummy
  • 1 ARSMG

Clear Steps

Our first combat map of the collab. This is just some beans and nightmares, and they all have low enough health that even a new player can finish this quite easily.

The Echelons used are:

Dummy Scarecrow with Phantom Stance, +1 AP is just super convenient. You should unlock this no matter what anyway.

Combat Echelon:
- UMP45, given for free through 7 day login, recommended for first ARSMG.
- Skorpion, a molotov SMG similar to Micro Uzi, one of which is recommended for first ARSMG.
- OTs-12, worse than Star, used only as an example.
- Model L, worse than Sopmod or 416, whichever is in your first ARSMG.
- CZ52, a very weak FP buffing HG, taking the place of M4 who should be in pos4 for first ARSMG.
- Level 1 Command Fairy, yours should be higher level than this.

Video Guides:

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