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Tier List
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Tier List Disclaimer

“So where is the tier list?”

In the past, there was a tier list on this page, however a Tier List is extremely easy to misinterpret for this game. Additionally, there are a lot of situations where, while a T-Doll is good normally, they can perform horribly against certain enemies. Finally, based on a tier list, Commanders may assume T-Dolls who placed low in their category are safe to scrap even though those Dolls perform very well in a certain niche. In service of giving the most comprehensive advice possible, we'd like to avoid giving such impressions that are too generalized.

Instead, we’ll be supplying overviews, alongside our full analysis and team composition suggestions. We hope you aspiring commanders understand why this had to be done, and always remember to prioritize your favorite T-Doll above all else.