TL;DR: 2.04 Client

Maintenance notes too long? We’ve got you covered.

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Forward Basecamp & Exploration

Hate active grinding but love logistics and autobattle? This is basically another AFK gameplay mechanic, but 100 times better and suitable for both casual players and active grinders. 

This is one of the two main things that affect gameplay.

See the full guide below for more details:

New Career Quests & Progression

While the actual story map difficulty didn’t change, the quest rewards got revamped to include tons of useful free items and pre-leveled T-Dolls, including the AR Team.

This means that leveling and clearing story just got 10x easier for new players; any veterans who also want the rewards can re-clear the maps to do so. 

This is second main feature that affects gameplay.

Check out the below guide for a detailed breakdown on how a new player should tackle leveling and progression by taking advantage of the reworked mechanics.

Commander Customization

Tired of being a faceless player character? You can now customize your commander’s avatar. The pretty accessories cost a lot of gems and dyes are RNG, so this is basically whale territory. 

It’s not a complicated mechanic, and the official teaser explains it well enough:

Official Commander's Wardrobe promo image #1
Official Commander's Wardrobe promo image #2

60FPS Mode

This is exactly what it says. GFL now runs at up to 60FPS if you toggle the option on in settings.

This will likely drain the battery faster and cause lower-end phones to heat up noticeably, but can be worth it for the smooth framerate.

3D Stronghold View

The dorm button gets split in half; the left button now sends you to a 3D base display.

The 3D Stronghold View in the new GFL client

It’s pretty much totally useless, so just don’t click the left half and it’ll be business as usual.

How to avoid entering the 3D Stronghold View

Combat Sim Auto-Restart

Tired of repeating echelon selection and planning mode when spamming Combat Simulation? You'll be glad to hear that MICA rolled out a Combat Sim Auto-Repeat feature that'll save a few clicks every once in a while.

Combat Sim Auto-Repeat Dialog: "Combat Simulation cannot be paused once in progress. Repeating a combat will consume [x] Combat Sim Points. Do you wish to proceed?"

When you have enough Combat Sim Energy (including Extra Combat Sim Energy), the above dialog appears and allows you to instantly repeat the Combat Sim run you just did. It will automatically choose the same echelon you used and set it on the same planning mode path, if applicable. 

Everything Else

The game runs better, and other than that the details don’t really matter too much. You can read the full patch notes below for more details if you are curious for whatever reason.

Official full update notes for GFL Client version 2.040

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