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Craft Time
4 hours 40 minutes

Potential Buffs

Damage 18.00%
Accuracy 60.00%
Evasion 48.00%
Armor 12.00%


Double Protection
Level 10 Effect
Cost: 3 Fairy Commands

In the next battle, summon 2 symbiotic Fairy clones with 750HP, A Shield Fairy clone has 20 armor and deals 150 DMG every two seconds to enemies within a radius of 2 units of the nearest enemy, A Missile Fairy clone has 30 EVA and deals 450 DMG every two seconds to the furthest enemy.


A later addition to the general pool, Twins Fairy is also known as the alternative to Taunt fairy, mainly for playing the same role, albeit in a slightly different way. At Skill Level 10 Twins summon up a pair of dummies with 750 HP each, one with 30 Evasion and no Armour, and one with 20 Armour and no Evasion. Armored Twin also deals 150 damage to the nearest enemy in a 2 radius while Evasion Twin deals 450 damage to the furthest enemy, both every two seconds. In practice, the damage output of said fairies are negligible, especially in later content where beefy and strong enemies are common, which means they rarely last more than a couple of seconds.

While they perform the same role as Taunt, which is delaying enemies from shooting at your team, Twins carry a fundamental difference by having two dummies, which matters for certain types of enemies. Having two dummies means Dinnergates, ELIDs, Gladiators, Minotaurs and other small range enemies don’t get past them, as they sit between top and middle row, and middle and bottom row, which is an advantage over Taunt. Also, by sitting between tiles, Twins Fairy also evade row centered attacks, such as Minotaur’s taser and Uhlan’s ram.

On the other hand, by having two dummies, facing enemies like Rodoleros or Patrollers, which have pierce attacks, becomes an unpredictable matter, which makes this fairy not recommended for said enemy. Moreover, their dummies are linked, which means that if one of them dies, the other also dies. This means that occasionally, when the enemy FP is small enough for Armour Twin armour’s fairy to matter, such as facing armed ELIDs, there’s the chance the Evasion Twin will die first depending on the enemy targeting.

Another downside of Twins compared to Taunt is that she trades off Critical Damage for more Evasion, which, with more high accuracy enemies or enemies with sure hit attacks, is an undesirable trait. Also by having the HP split between two dummies, Twins occasionally does not survive two volleys from high damage enemies, while Taunt may end up surviving.

Overall Twin fairy sufficiently substitutes Taunt fairy, performing well in most situations that warrant using Taunt to buy a few seconds, better in some scenarios, such as against Gladiators and Minotaurs, and worse in a few other scenarios, such as against Rodoleros and Patrollers. Do note that in all of these scenarios, her damage is pretty much neglectable.


+ Two dummies

By having two dummies, Twins becomes useful against certain enemies that would otherwise ignore Taunt because of their small attack range. While some of these enemies are not a big issue, such as Dinnergates or unarmed ELIDs, newer, beefier enemies that act as tanks and have attacks that bypass doll linking protection, such as Minotaurs and Gladiators, are an issue big enough to make Twins having two dummies a desirable trait.

+ Easy to acquire

With the change of fairy construction rates with the client 2.06, Taunt and Twins no longer are part of a less common pool within the 500x4 fairies. That means acquiring and upgrading her rarity is an easy task for Commanders daily crafting HEPs.

+ Scaled up well with later content

Because Twins is a versatile fairy, she has kept well with later content. In Continuum Turbulence she was useful to buy time for comps facing Gundams with no walk time; on Isomer, HS2000 and FP debuffer HG made facing Gundams a piece of cake at all turns; on Gunslinger Girls’ collab, high rarity and skilled Twins could buy enough time for teams to kill the Fratellos with minor damages, while on Shattered Connexion and Theater 3 she was useful for facing Minotaurs and Gladiators, both enemies introduced on said event. For Commanders familiar with DJMax EX enemies, Twins will experience a similar role in Dual Randomness and Mirror Stage, in that it’ll buy your team a couple of precious seconds to avoid being instantly critically damaged. The only event where she doesn’t see much use is Polarized Light, because enemies in it are either deathstacks that warrant Command/Artillery/Beach fairies, or comically easy to face.


- Symbiotic dummies

Because the dummies are linked, if one of them dies, so does the other. In situations against hordes of enemies with low FP, such as dinnergates, or ELIDs, Evasion Twin may end up dying sooner than the Armoured Twin.

- Weak aura

Having no Crit Damage buff, 18% Damage, 60% Accuracy and 48% Evasion puts Twins Fairy on the lower spectrum of fairies’ aura. Even compared to Taunt, who has 25% Crit Damage aura at the cost of having 28% Evasion show’s how weaker Twins’ Fairy aura is. As such, using Twins as a stat stick, while better than nothing, is not desirable. In fact, that is why Taunt was more used than her against minotaurus in Theater 3.

- Lower HP dummy

While Taunt has one 1600 HP, Twins has two 750HP dummies. That may prove fatal when an enemy volley that would not kill Taunt dummy ends up killing one of the Fairy dummies.

- Heavy data investment

While early on Twins work on lower skill levels, Commanders looking to field her on later content absolutely requires to level her to at the very least SL 9, while SL 10 is the recommendation. On Theatre 3, SL 9 Twins was only able to endure a volley from the Minotaur + Cerynitis comp if HOC support rolled a favourable RNG, while SL 10 guaranteed Twins surviving one volley.