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Just your average EN mengxin looking to help the GFL community and spread the love for kawaii, hard worker LWMMG.

AUG is love, AUG is life.

Fielded 2 Neko23 on Isomer ranking.
Fielded 2 AN-94 on Shattered Connexion ranking.
Fielded 2 LWMMG MOD on Polarized Light ranking.
Fielded 2 Mosin-Nagants on Dual Randomness ranking.

Head of Roadmaps, Shilling Panel and Waifu Wars Panel. Frequently Soul's workslave.

Articles Worked On

Monthly Roadmap: September 2022 (Singularity+ Ranking)
"Sharkitect" Architect - NVW Model (Protocol Assimilation)
Easy Ranking Points Farming Guide
Monthly Roadmap: August 2022
Alina "White Nyto" (Protocol Assimilation)
How to Get Fwee Pawa (Free Parachute Fairy) Guide
The Wave Wrangler: Should you Farm?
2022 Summer 2 "The Wave Wrangler" Guides & Event Info
Monthly Roadmap: July 2022
2.09 Client Update: New Features
SWAP Aegis (Protocol Assimilation)
Far Side of the Sea Rererun: Should you Farm?
Adeline "Black Nyto" (Protocol Assimilation)
Agent (Protocol Assimilation)
RFHG teambuilding
Monthly Roadmap: June 2022
True Core Mask Revamped: Who to Get?
Monthly Roadmap: May 2022
Should You Farm: VA-11 HALL-A Rerun Edition
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-8: The Last Rain in the World Lite Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-7: Truth or Dare Lite Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-6: Fear of Public Speaking Lite Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-5: Chicken Breast Lite Clear Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-4: Sonic Boom Lite Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-3: Pioneer Lite Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-2: Adolescence Clear Lite Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-1: Didgeridoo Tutorial Lite Clear Guide
Optimized Levelling
SWAP Dragoon (Protocol Assimilation)
Judge (Protocol Assimilation)
ARSMG teambuilding
Monthly Roadmap: April 2022
Gager (Protocol Assimilation)
Fairy Rework Analysis
Monthly Roadmap: March 2022
Costume Shilling 14: Christmas MICA Style
Dreamer (Protocol Assimilation)
Monthly Roadmap: February 2022
Hole 2 - Tide of Blood Madlad Farm
E5-1 Infernal Enlightenment Infinity Map Farming Guide
E4-1 Operation Snake Eater Infinity Map Farming Guide
E3-1 Ghost Sister Infinity Map Farming Guide
E2-1 Pollinosis Infinity Map Farming Guide
E1-1 Departure Time Infinity Map Farming Guide
One Coin Short Farming Guide
Christmas 2022 Event Guides: "One Coin Short"
Monthly Roadmap: January 2022
Should you Farm: Christmas ReRerun
SWAP Prowler (Protocol Assimilation)
Alchemist (Protocol Assimilation)
Monthly Roadmap: December 2021
Costume Shilling #12.1: Guessing Game
Ouroboros (Protocol Assimilation)
Monthly Roadmap: November 2021
Costume Shilling #11: Tacticool at Last
Architect (Protocol Assimilation)
Butterfly in a Cocoon EX Farming
Costume Shilling #10.5: Medieval Throwback
Monthly Roadmap: October 2021
Costume Shilling #10: RACING HATH ARRIVED
Destroyer (Protocol Assimilation)
Monthly Roadmap: September 2021
Costume Shilling #9: It's a Matter of Trust
Intruder (Protocol Assimilation)
Costume Shilling #Mars: SHARKIFUN
Costume Shilling #8: Cheek-y JS 9
GFL x DJMax Collab "Glory Day" Event Guides
Monthly Roadmap: August 2021
Hunter (Protocol Assimilation)
Costume Shilling #Error: A Summer with Ceia?
Costume Shilling #7: Loli Gaming 2: Electric Boogaloo
Polarized Light: Escape Acceleration EX-1 (Ranking Map 2 EX)
Scarecrow (Protocol Assimilation)
Costume Shilling #6: LOLI GAMING
Costume Shilling #5.5 "Carnival Crinj"
Costume Shilling #5 Part 2: "Groza Team"
Waifu Wars #4: Practical Applications
Costume Shilling #5 Part 1: "M4 Team"
Waifu Wars #3: HGs and Leftovers
Waifu Wars Polarized Light #2: Rifles
Costume Shilling #Bonus: Shilling Anniversary
Polarized Light EX 3: Challenge III
Polarized Light EX 2: Vacuum Tube
Costume Shilling #4 : Kimono
Costume Shilling #3 Part 2: Wedding
Waifu Wars #1 Part 1: We Fielding Waifus in Ranking?
Mk 153 'SMAW'
Costume Shilling #3 Part 1: Zas is best girl
Costume Shilling #2: Chinese New Year
#LoveOutLoud - The GamePress Entries
Costume Shilling #1: Why Does This Exist
Theater Teambuilding Guide (2021)
Christmas 2020 Event Guides: "A Snowy Night Capriccio" Rerun
2020 Summer Rererun "Far Side of the Sea" Guides & Event Info
Protocol Assimilation: First Impressions (Revamped)
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-7EX: Truth or Dare EX Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-6EX: Fear of Public Speaking EX Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-5EX: Chicken Breast EX Clear Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-4EX: Sonic Boom EX Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-3EX: Pioneer EX Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-1EX: Didgeridoo Tutorial EX Clear Guide
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-8EX: The Last Rain in the World EX
VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-2EX: Adolescence Clear EX Guide