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(AKA Nonotan, Discord Cleista#7481)

Guide writer and editor for Girls' Frontline, and one of the few people who like its gameplay more than the gacha. Got MICA to pay me 8000 gems once. 

Send guide suggestions and ideas via DM on Discord, or drop some in the #gf_site_suggestions channel on the Community Discord

Articles Worked On

Theater Betting Episode 2: Ataxia
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Theater Betting Episode 0: Prelude
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Christmas ID Card Contest Voting
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Optimal SG Recipe: 6/2/6/4 vs. 8/1/8/4
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Singularity Ch: 3-5 Last Resort V
Singularity Ch: 3-2 Last Resort II
Singularity Ch: 3-1 Last Resort I
Singularity Ch: 2-Hidden: Survivor
Singularity Ch: 2-D3 No Mate III
Singularity Ch: 2-D2 No Mate II
Singularity Ch: 2-C1 Promotion I
Singularity Ch: 2-B3 Castling III
Singularity Chapter 1-A2: Exhaust II
Should you Farm: Singularity Limited Drops
Singularity Preparation Guide
What's New in GFL: Combat Sim Full Opening and EXP Boost Event
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TL;DR: New Client
New Career Quests and Progression: Building Your First Two Teams
New Career Quests and Progression: Full List of Quest Rewards
GFL Explained: Basecamp and Exploration
Halloween Event: Freaky Pandemic Pre-Info
What's New in GFL: T-Doll Rescue & Halloween Events
Chapter 10: Purgatory
October Rescue Event Leak
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