VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-3EX: Pioneer EX Guide

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First Clear Rewards

Intermediate Training Data x500

Possible Drops

Missions and Clear Conditions

Mission: Establish and defend the supply line for 2 turns.

S Rank Clear Conditions: Obtain victory within 6 turns with no loss or Echelon withdrawal.

Clear Guide

Team Recommendations

2 Night Ready ARSMG echelons (Again, this is an echelon where the ARS have PEQs equipped and it's either 3ARs 1HG and 1SMG or 2ARs, 1HG and 2SMG), 1 High DMG RF Echelon (2RFs and 3HGs), and 2 Dummy Echelons (1HG or 1AR)

Clear Steps

Due to a mild error in pathing, S Ranking this map without extreme luck and/or parachute fairies is impossible. As such, the below video guide will make use of deliberate sacking of echelons.

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