VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-4: Sonic Boom Guide

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First Clear Rewards

Dorm Pet: Black Cat Fore, and Combat Sim Extra Energy x10

Possible Drops

Missions and Clear Conditions

Mission: Rescue the Hostage ally.

S Rank Clear Conditions: Rescue the Hostage ally within 4 turns, complete stage without losing any Echelons.

Clear Guide

Team Recommendations

2 RFHG echelons (Which consists of either 2RFs and 3HGs or 3RFs and 2HGs) or 2 ARSMG echelons (Which consists of either 3ARs and 2SMGs or 3ARs, 1HG, and 1SMG).

RFHG performs better on this map due to the Rodeleros starting at the back, but quickly jumping to the front to inflict damage with a row long laser. RFHG will either destroy them before this can happen, or can simply move the HGs out of the way with their fast movement.

Clear Steps

On Turn 1, head to where Shorty is and rescue her, do not swap with her as you need to capture the inactive heliport.

On Turn 2, open the gate via the terminal on the heliport, then head to the open space inside the gate. Place a new echelon on HQ.

On Turn 3, eliminate the remaining unit to the left of your echelon in the gate. Have your new echelon go to the gate terminal.

On Turn 4, have your echelon on the left head straight to the enemy HQ. If you are unlucky the Gundam may have moved to where it is blocking your path, at this point it is impossible to S Rank the map. Either restart, or wait until the Gundam moves to where you have a clear path, then complete your mission.

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