VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-5EX: Chicken Breast EX Clear Guide

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First Clear Rewards

Advanced Training Data x500

Possible Drops

Missions and Clear Conditions

Mission: Rescue 2 Hostage allies.

S Rank Clear Conditions: Rescue both Hostage Allies within 7 turns, Complete Stage without losing any Echelons.

Clear Guide

Team Recommendations

1 Echelon that can fight nightmares, swap jaegers and swap dragoons (video uses Scarecrow, for this with her level 70 unlinked manticore, just easy example)

1 echelon that can kill some rippers and nightmares (ARSMG works fine)

1 dummy (m4 dummy is back, expand ai on the farm routes is painful)

Clear Steps

The below guide will clear this stage in the safest way, it is possible to clear stage with one Echelon, however it is very likely you will need to quick repair.

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