VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-6: Fear of Public Speaking Guide

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First Clear Rewards

Disclaimer: Guide only promises to help with clearing the stage and not actual public speaking.
Combat Report x100

Possible Drops

Missions and Clear Conditions

Mission: Capture enemy Command Post

S Rank Clear Conditions: Obtain victory within 3 turns and have allied echelons eliminate 6 enemy targets.

Clear Guide

Team Recommendations

An RFHG echelon (Which consists of 2RFs and 3HGs or 3RFs and 2HGs) or a Night Ready ARSMG echelon (Again, this is an echelon where the ARs have PEQs equipped and it's either 3ARs 1HG and 1SMG or 2ARs, 1HG and 2SMG).

RFHG performs better here due to having more armored enemies than the previous night maps.

Clear Steps

The middle route can tempt a commander quite easily, however the issue with taking this route is every one of the random nodes will be an ambush, therefore you will run out of ammunition well before reaching the HQ, here is how you actually clear the stage.

On Turn 1, head to the two enemy inactive heliports that are next to each other. End your turn on the top one.

On Turn 2, go 2 tiles past the resupply node to clear out a few enemies, this is necessary to S Rank the mission, then head back to the resupply node.

On Turn 3, head straight to the Enemy HQ.

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