VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-6EX: Fear of Public Speaking EX Guide

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First Clear Rewards

Disclaimer: Guide only promises to help with clearing the stage and not actual public speaking.
Token x50

Possible Drops

Missions and Clear Conditions

Mission: Capture enemy Command Post

S Rank Clear Conditions: Obtain victory within 7 turns and have allied echelons eliminate 6 enemy targets.

Clear Guide

Team Recommendations

1 Scarecrow (used to make turn 1 much more efficient)

2 dummy (m4 as usual)


Clear Steps

The below video guide will demonstrate how to clear the map as quick as possible, however the enemy positions by the time you head towards the enemy HQ are quite random, so you might get very unlucky.

Deathstacks patrol next to heavy heli and you can't deploy on it early; AP is very tight and you must resupply Scarecrow before you send her down on turn 3 due to amount of enemies down there

(video example has m4 fighting farm path enemies that do not spawn before first clear)

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