The Wave Wrangler: Should you Farm?


What's this, a new event?! That means a new Drop list as always. 

Note that all maps will unlock a farming route after being completed for the first time. The farming recommendations below will be considering said routes.

Map 1: UKM-2000

Should you Farm?

Back in Isomer, we described UKM as such:

UKM-2000 is another MG who struggles to stand out from the pack all that much. Her raw stats are very solid with 90 base Damage and and 11 Clip size, but little else goes her way.

A second-volley Skill holds her back too, and unlike Lewis Gun (who can keep pace on nothing but pure stats), UKM isn't quite that powerful and as a result, will lag behind her contemporaries.

Worse yet, Lewis is a guaranteed reward from Isomer, and Kord is coming in Shattered Connexion, further powercreeping UKM-2000 and making it hard to field her as a compelling. 

Nothing about this has changed, and if anything UKM has gotten relatively worse, as she now must compete with 1895CB and Kord. 

You Might Want to Farm if:

  • You're missing her for collection
  • You really like that Summer Skin

You Might Want to Skip if:

  • You have the good MGs already. 
  • Weird Alien Cosplayers scare and confuse you. 

Map 2: SL8

Should you Farm?

SL8 is a bit of an unusual RF. A self-buffer, she also features a small amount of support in her tiles, which are not the traditional HG cooldown reduction, but rather a Damage and Evasion buff for any unit on them. In return for this, SL8 has a slightly lower RoF multiplier than comparable rifles such as WA2000, but she does have a trick up her sleave, in a small Damage Buff based on the number of unique Doll Classes on her tiles, up to 15%. 

This gives SL8 a solid niche in hybrid Echelons, particularly RF Echelons using SMG or SG tanks, although these Echelons typically have other, strong demands on teambuilding such as the use of Grape-Cano which can make working SL8 into them a bit tricky. 

You Might Want to Farm if:

  • You want to play around with slightly more unique Dolls. 
  • You need her for her assorted Skins
  • You subscribe to the Church of Imoko

You Might Want to Skip if:

  • You have Enough RFs
  • You do not subcribe to the Chruch of Imoko

Map 3: JS9

Should you Farm?

To borrow my Dual Randomness commentary:

JS9 is an Offtank SMG, featuring full backline coverage with her excellent tiles from that position, offering a massive 30% Crit Rate and 18% Rate of Fire, two stats that are desired by the vast majority of ARs. JS9 pairs this with a powerful Skill that varies it's effects based upon the number of enemy groups remaining. The more enemies remaining, the more Evasion JS 9 gets; the fewer Enemies, the more potential Damage she gets.

In practice, JS9 almost always gets her Evasion buff, which is entirely fine, as if there are enough enemies she will outdo even MP7 in Evasion (albeit only for a short period of time). The downside to this is that JS9's initial cooldown is on the longer side at 6 seconds, but her baste stats are strong enough to carry her to that point in the vast majority of battles. 

This remains largely true. With the limited use of AR/SMG echelons in upcoming content is quite reasonable to pass on JS9, although she can find her place as the Offtank for RO or UMP45 if needed. 

You Might Want to Farm if:

  • You are missing her for the index
  • She's got some good skins
  • You are actually that short of Offtanks.

You Might Skip if:

  • You have enough SMGs. 
  • Robotic limbs aren't your style. 

Map 4: Lusa

Should you Farm?

Lusa joins the increasing ranks of odd duck SMGs, with a bit of a flavorful twist. She actually has a niche! 

That's right, for the first time in a while, MICA released an SMG with a useful niche! Her Taunt allows her mess with enemy targetting, and the Damage Reduction that comes with it helps to mitigate the damage she will be taking while it's up. her shield every time a link is lost is neat, but at only 20 HP it's probably going to vanish in a hurry. None the less, this can help reduce randomness when facing enemies such as Coeus tanks when they reappear, as Lusa can pull at least some shots to herself. 

She can also moonlight as a tank in RF/HG Echelons thanks to her tiles, although this is not a prefered niche. 

You Might Wanat to Farm if:

  • You think she's cute
  • You are actually that down bad for SMGs
  • You are missing her for the index

You Might Want to Skip if:

  • You already have her
  • You have more than enough SMGs. 
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