What's New in GFL: Combat Sim Full Opening and EXP Boost Event

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With Singularity's expected release in mid-October, the first two weeks of November are the calm before the storm; the EXP Up and Combat Sim Full Opening events come to EN just as the ongoing Freaky Pandemic event wraps up with its final week, giving players ample time to prepare their echelons for the upcoming major story event.

The full update notes are included below; for a detailed breakdown of each item, read on.

Full Version of the Girls' Frontline November 5th Update Notes

Unrestricted Access to 3 Combat Simulations

Unrestricted Access to 3 Combat Simulations Official Banner

Unfortunately, "Unrestricted Access to 3 Combat Simulations" does not mean the Combat Simulations become free; the same amount of Combat Sim Energy is still required to run them.

This event simply unlocks Capsule Mode, Data Mode, and EXP Mode on every day of the week, as opposed to on Sunday only. 

Infographic explaining combat sim full opening mechanics

Players are highly recommended to run Data Mode only for the duration of this event between Nov. 5th and Nov. 11th 23:59 UTC-8

Combat EXP x1.5

After the Combat Simulation Full Opening event ends, a 1.5x Combat EXP event will run between Nov. 11th and Nov. 17th 23:59 UTC-8

The EXP boost affects regular combat and Auto-Battles, but do NOT increase experience gained from Combat Reports or EXP Combat Sim. This stacks multiplicatively with the Oath bonus for Neural-Upgraded T-Dolls. 

To level T-Dolls inexpensively, the Corpse Dragging method is recommended to reduce resource expenditure per EXP gained by around 80%. Please see the below video by HibachiMan for a quick primer.

Players looking to level their T-Dolls should start now rather than waiting for the x1.5 EXP Boost.

The EXP Up event is often jokingly called "Core Down", as the event increases EXP gain but does not affect the Dummy Core income, worsening any Dummy Core shortages the player may experience.

Commanders that crammed their leveling into an EXP Boost Event will often find themselves with lots of Lv. 90 units at x4 Dummy Links, unable to afford the core cost of linking them to x5. 

If you're reading this too late and have entered Core Hell, 10-4E may be a solution to patch up the problem; check out the below page to find out if you can and should do 10-4E. 

Official 4-Koma Vol. 7

This is the seventh installment of AC130's official Girls' Frontline 4-koma, which will become available in the Cafe's Comic Book Stand for 600 batteries

When ten volumes of the 4-koma are released, Commanders who have purchased all ten will receive GSh-18's "Walking Operating Table" costume. Please see the November Monthly Roadmap for the costume preview. 

Halloween Headwear: Blood Moon on Halloween

This is a single piece of a Commander costume, costing 500 Gems (discounted to 400 Gems on release). 

The default variant is an axe to the head, although it can be dyed to 5 other possible appearances. 

Preview of all six variants of the "Blood Moon on Halloween" headgear for Shikikan's Closet customization

Official Halloween Contest Results

Upcoming Singularity Event

Datamined Task Force DEFY teaser

The major story event Singularity is expected to drop on Tue Nov. 19th after maintenance; players looking to prepare for the event can refer to the Singularity Preparation Guide below. 

Ongoing Freaky Pandemic Event

The Freaky Pandemic event enters its final week, with the event ending on Nov. 11th 23:59 UTC-8.

Commanders who have not yet started or completed the event are advised to do so ASAP (event guides are included in the article below), as there is a daily cap on the farmable event currency.

The advised priority purchases for players without enough currency to clear the shop will be the FAMAS Costume and the 16Lab equipment, followed by Tokens

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