What's New in GFL: Neural Upgrade & Rate-Up

The Sep. 24 maintenance brings to GFL EN some long-awaited features and events. The full maintenance notes can be found below: 


Here’s a quick reference of each important item for readers who want to stay up to speed: 

Neural Upgrade

The Neural Upgrade system is finally coming to EN! For more information on what the new game mechanic is, the Neural Upgrade guide offers a comprehensive look at its details.

M1911, M14, and G36 are the first batch of T-Dolls to receive the upgrade. Please make sure to check out their character pages for a detailed analysis!

Note: F2P Commanders without extra Combat Sim Energy will generate ~4000 Memory Fragments from Neural Cloud Corridor between now and the earliest possible release date of Singularity, assuming slightly under 12 energy spent per day and that Neural Cloud Corridor is only entered on days that Training Data is not available (Mon/Wed/Thu/Sat). 

Reserving 2400 Memory Fragments to MOD II M4A1 and ST AR-15 leaves 1600 Memory Fragments, sufficient to MOD II one T-Doll from the current batch. Diligent commanders may be able to pad this with numerous one-time rewards such as from the Singularity event, career quests, cafe, etc. that may total up to several thousand.

Production Rate-Up

September Rate-Up Schedule Banner

This is the first general production rate-up event since the May anniversary; while commanders who have experienced one of these before will already know what to do, here’s a detailed Rate-Up guide that’ll help both new G&K recruits and veterans still hunting for elusive production drops.

Key Card/Bingo Event: Dessert Vanguard

FNC’s cute halloween costume is finally coming to GFL EN, and players don’t even need to spend any tokens to get it!

The global server had a one year break after the last bingo event, so this will be a new experience for anyone who wasn’t playing Girls’ Frontline a year ago. While the mechanics may seem confusing, this event is actually quite simple to clear efficiently; please see the embedded guide for a quick read that’ll explain everything.

Monthly Log-In Reward

The October monthly login reward is T65, a 3★ AR with the same Annihilation Focus N skill that T91 has.

While T65 might be small and adorable, she can dish out damage comparable to 9A-91 in night battles, far exceeding that of most self-buffing ARs including even 5★ units like G41. While her full analysis will be posted later, commanders should know that T65 is one of those rare few monthly login T-Dolls players absolutely do not want to miss.

New Costume Gacha

The new Maid Internship gacha is coming! For more information on the available costumes and furniture sets, please check out the GFL October Roadmap article.

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