What's New in GFL: T-Doll Rescue & Halloween Events

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The previous week has been very busy and eventful for GFL EN players, with Chapter 10 added to the main story followed by a heated Rescue Event Vote.

Unfortunately for those of us that want a break, things only seem to be heating up even more for the rest of October as MICA picks up the pace for their updates to the Girls’ Frontline EN server. Here's a quick rundown of all the upcoming goodies: 

Official Update Preview for the Girls Frontline October 15th maintenance

Special Rescue Event

MDR laughs at RFB after winning the Group C vote in the Special Rescue Voting event.

The Rescue Event Vote has concluded with largely expected results aside from Group C; K5, PP-19, AUG, MDR, TAC-50, and Contender will be added as drops to the boss stages in Chapters 1 through 6 between October 15th-October 25th

Official banner for the Special Rescue Event

A guide for optimal farm routes and quick overviews on the T-Dolls involved in this Rescue Event can be found below. 

Special Log-In Event: "Under the Crimson Sky"

Official EN "Under the Crimson Sky" Girls' Frontline Autumn Login Event promo banner

This log-in event is the fifth item pictured on the October Roadmap, which is a simple week of “log in for free stuff” that the GFL devs have generously provided to EN players. Possible rewards include but are not limited to: 

  • Type 95/Type 97 Exclusive Equipment: Advanced Infantry Sight
  • 5★ T-Dolls: Type 95, Type 97, Lee-Enfield, Carcano M1891, and MG4
  • Training Data
  • Calibration Tickets
  • Batteries
  • Resources

For additional information, a more detailed explanation of the event rewards has been included in the initial reveal news post. 

Halloween Icon Design Contest

Combined edit of the official information image for the Halloween Icon Design Contest

MICA Team is running a GFL EN-exclusive art contest for a Halloween-themed icon! The devs have generously put forth a reward of 20,000 gems for the winner, with three runner-up entries receiving 10,000 gems and five third-place entries eligible for 5,000 gems

Players who are not artistically-inclined can enter into a random drawing for 4,000 gems by sharing the original post on social media. For more information, please check out the official tweet.

Halloween Event: Freaky Pandemic

Leaked CN Halloween Event Login Screen

10/18 update: The Freaky Pandemic Guides hub is now published! Please check it out for stage clear guides and efficient farming routes. 

10/15 update: The official teaser tweet is out! This event is confirmed to run between Oct. 22nd-Nov. 11th.

While the Halloween Event is not yet live on any server, some GFL KR players on DCinside found the in-game assets for this event, and it appears to be a full-fledged 3-week-long event with a story component!

Halloween RipperHalloween JaegerHalloween Dragoon

Sangvis Ferri Rippers, Jaegers, and Dragoons have hilariously dressed up for the occasion, though their in-game combat mechanics do not appear to have changed at all.

Leaked image of upcoming Halloween Story

As more details become available, information will be added to the pre-info guide linked below; a full guide will also be released later!

GFL New Client Update: Expedition, Commander Customization, and New Player Experience Revamp

With the monthly Q&A confirming that GFL EN would receive the client update in October, players who know what’s going on have been hyping up its release. 

What’s so important about the client update? This new client actually brings with it several new game-changing mechanics alongside some absolutely amazing Quality-of-Life (QoL) improvements across the board, including but not limited to:

  • The Expedition mechanic

    • This is possibly the most important upcoming change that drastically alters day-to-day gameplay - players should prepare for this by stocking at least 3000 batteries and 3 dog-type pets (ideally of different types).

    • A full, detailed guide will be coming soon; roughly speaking, the monthly Black Market shop can be cleared in about 2 weeks using 3 dogs with the auto-resend feature, so do not stress over micro-optimizing the expeditions! 

  • Commander avatar & customization

  • Voices for 20+ T-Dolls

  • High FPS ("60 FPS") option, which allows GFL to run at the device’s refresh rate instead of the current forced 30 FPS. 

  • Beginner progression revamp + Core/Combat Report refunds for veterans

  • Zoom-out limit removed

  • Combat Simulation single-button repeat

  • Enhanced battle result screen

A guide covering the expedition mechanic (officially "Exploration") has now been released on Gamepress!

10/19 update: The official Commander's Wardrobe and Early Game Progression infographic miniguides have been released! Please check them out in the tweet below. 

Chapter 10: Purgatory

The newest chapter to the Girls’ Frontline story was added last Tuesday, introducing a new faction and an incredible amount of story within its 10 maps (6 Normal, 4 Emergency). 

Commanders who have yet to finish the story can find detailed step-by-step walkthroughs in the chapter guide portal below. For readers that prefer video, Vanilla and HibachiMan have created some very detailed video guides on YouTube that are also linked from the chapter portal below; please check them out if you like the format!

Two ARSMG teams at level 90 will be more than sufficient to S-rank every single map, while careful deployment of friend echelons will enable less-equipped commanders to achieve basic completion.

Key Card Event: Dessert Vanguard

The Key Card Event is scheduled to close next week, ending its three-week run on October 18th. Diligent commanders will have already cleared the whole board by this point, with the nine daily missions now amounting to earnings of 45 Calibration Tickets per day thanks to the 1:5 leftover Key Card:Calibration Ticket conversion at the end, almost the amount yielded by one Defense Drill run. 

Commanders who started the event late or missed some daily missions still have a few days to make up for lost time, however; the below guide can be referenced for the optimal board-clearing strategy if needed.

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