White Day 2020 Farming: A Companion Guide

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If you're reading this page in 2021, you may be interested in easier farming routes available above thanks to the new infinity map!

This guide uses Ceia’s 2020 YouTube guide as a reference and provides infographics on top of some changes here and there - all credit to the original goes to him! 

UMP 40 (E2: The Empty House)

Nova Medal Farming Route
White Day 2020 E2: The Empty House (Farm Route) Updated

Updated 3/29/2020

This will give you 3 to 5 battles, depending on RNG Guard spawns, for 2 checks + S rank.

There are three more Jaeger spawns at the southern heliports that can drop UMP 40, but they are not worth the hassle.

Farming Nova Medals can also use this route, which makes the last check more stable compared with the quickest route for Tangerine Coins.

Video Guide:

KLIN (E3: The Griffin Builder)

Two mobs that drop KILN will spawn on two random nodes within the yellow square. Another one will spawn on one of the two dotted circles, and a fourth spawns at the yellow circle.

Already, we have gates. Our first option is to not deal with them, and just do a full-auto route with the mobs inside. This nets us two of the four checks on the map, and we can use a dummy echelon and retreat to save resources.

Route A
White Day 2020 E3 The Griffin Builder (Farm Route) A

But we’re already here anyway; why don’t we go a bit further before retreating?

Route B
White Day 2020 E3 The Griffin Builder (Farm Route) B

Route B takes you on a longer path. Opening a gate for two more checks is less micromanagement than having to retreat and redeploy, and you still get one check per battle!

SPP-1 (E4: The Missing MDR)

White Day 2020 E4: The Missing MDR (Farm Route)

3 battles, 2 checks per attempt.

A fairly boring and straightforward map with a good amount of leeway on the route. Don’t touch the red beans; stepping on the radar in the center stops them from moving and switches them to Alert.

Alternate Routing & Cheap Farming Team

Here is a video guide of a slightly different route, courtesy of neokai#4171! You can use the shown team comp too if you need a low-resource cost farming echelon. 

JS05 (E5: The Crooked Man)

The optimal route is fairly straightforward, and is showcased in the video.

DSR-50 (E6: The Seven Tangerine Pips)

White Day 2020 E6 (Farm Route)

There really is no getting around this one. You can only deploy one echelon, and there are no shortcuts, so it’s really most efficient both time and resource-wise to full clear this one.

Two things to keep in mind:

1. Don’t forget to open the gates at the three indicated consoles (#2, #4, #6)! The other ones can be ignored - feel free to auto-path past them.

2. You must end your turn on the #7 and #8 nodes to capture the Command Post for S rank.

Five-seveN (E7: The Second Neural Cloud)

There are two routes you can take on this map. Route A is easier, but you have to toggle three gates to get there, and two of them are back to back, which is kind of annoying to micromanage.

Route A
White Day 2020 E7 (Farm Route) A ver 2.

If you have the firepower, try Route B.

Route B
White Day 2020 E7 (Farm Route) B ver 2.

Same as Route A, this is five battles for three checks + S rank (4 Platinum Medal total per run). (Your route aggros an enemy.) Pick up the bomb at #2 and throw it at #4.

There is noticeably more breathing space between micromanaging. The lower Manticore needs a little more firepower, but with M4 Mod2 + strong AR+ HG support + a strong fairy, you will be fine.

Circling back to your Command Post helps auto line up later, or you will find yourself landing on the radar and terminating the map early, so don’t try to take a shortcut. (This also lets your Turn 4 have just enough AP to end on the radar, so if you planning mode past it, the map will end by itself, saving you a click).

To reiterate, you will need more firepower for this route; if you find yourself sustaining heavy damage, I recommend you return to Route A.

Economy Five-seveN Farming Teams

Stage 7: The Second Neural Cloud is something that will be farmed a lot by almost every commander, either in pursuit of Platinum Medals or a copy of Five-seveN. Endgame players will save a lot of resources by fielding resource-saving teams that contain as few T-Dolls as possible. 

Most of these are not beginner-friendly farm teams! Players unsure of their limits should use the recommended team.

All ARs should use VFL (crit scopes) as no enemies have evasion. 

Recommended Team


  • M4A1 Mod II+ (max SL), Zas (can potentially be 1 link if you bring a really good stat stick)
    • If using 1 link Zas, she needs to be retreated against the Manticore to avoid being shot.
M4A1 Zas farming formation example

This follows Route A above. Fully AFK. 

Recommended Team 2


  • Either M4A1 Mod II+ (max SL) or Zas (Level 90+ 5x)
  • 1 HG with a Damage tile buff
  • 1 RF (any)
AR/RF/HG farming formation example

This can follow Route A above. Fully AFK. 

M4A1 Mod II + M1911 Mod

neokai#4171 has discovered another 1AR 1HG (cheapest possible) team composition that should be the most accessible to players. 


  • M4A1 Mod II+ (max SL)
  • M1911 Mod II+ (Level 90+ 5x, Skill 1 may need to be leveled)
    • Fairy with at least 20% in effective damage increases from aura/talent

M1911 Mod II+ is required for bottom route - she must kill one group of Tarantulas. 

This can follow Route A or Route B above. 

4 Shiki + 2HG


This follows Route A above. Fully AFK. 

A strong enough fairy may allow you to substitute in Stechkin to avoid the catch-22 of needing to use Five-seveN to farm for herself. 



  • Python (Level 90+ 5x, SL 10), Zas (Level 100 5x, SL10)
    • Fairy with least 40% in effective damage increases from aura/talent
Zas Python farming team example

This can follow Route A or Route B above. Route A is fully AFK, while Route B requires Zas to be retargeted after her grenade against the Manticore/Tarantula node so she cleans up any tarantulas her nade missed. 

Python may get shot at by the Manticore depending on your Fairy aura; she does not need repairs unless she goes critical.



AN-94/Contender Farming Team Example

This follows Route A above. Fully AFK, no repairs needed. 


All credit to the original video guide belongs to GFL veteran and youtuber Ceia. Check out his channel here!

Team compositions thanks to Destination#7146Arcus#3673, and FLARA#1356.

Do you want other paths to be analyzed? Find any dumb mistakes in this guide? Just want to say hello? Feel free to ping or DM default#8229 on the Official GFL EN discord or leave a comment below!

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