White Day All-in-One Farming Guide

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All-in-One Farming Guide

GFL YouTuber Ceia has again delivered an All-In-One farming guide for the White Day seasonal event. There are six maps this time and they aren't all great to farm, but at least we have the Rescue Welfare system to help out now!

For farming your daily Tangerine Coins, check the Coin Farming section.


Map 1 (UMP40, The Empty House) - 0:00

Map 2 (KLIN, The Griffin Builder) - 2:33

Map 3 (SPP-1, The Missing MDR) - 4:08

Map 4 (JS05, The Crooked Man) - 6:41

Map 5 (DSR-50, The Seven Tangerine Pips) - 9:27

Map 6 (Five-seveN, The Second Neural Cloud) - 13:50

You can check out the Companion Guide by default#8229 below for infographics, a text-based walkthrough, optimized team compositions, and alternate routings! It covers:

  • KLIN farm with twice as many checks per map attempt at the same efficiency
  • An alternate, more planning-friendly Five-seveN farm
  • Economy team compositions for Stage 7, down to a minimum of 90 Ammo/63 Rations per clear

and much more!

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Coin Farming

For those looking to farm their daily 60 Tangerine Coins, simply follow the below clear guide for Stage 2: The Empty House. This map can be cleared via planning mode, making farming a breeze.