White Day Stage 4: The Missing MDR

Article by Soulmuse
Clear Guide for White Day Stage 4: The Missing MDR

Possible Drops

Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Rescue Three Hostages

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  1 Night Combat Echelon, 70 4x Linked

Clear Steps

Another map that is more tedious than difficult. The outer circle has orbiting Red Goliaths, whose AI can be changed to Stationary by capturing the central Radar. This is needed to complete the map, as otherwise they will agro on either the MDRs or on a passing Echelon and brick your turn. Capture the Radar, clean up the few enemies, and take all the time needed to retrieve the MDRs.

Turn 1



Deploy a Combat Echelon, and move to the right one node, and down-right onto the Heliport. 

Turn 2


 Move down-right onto the Radar, right to kill the Nightmare for a chance at SPP-1, and then back left onto the Radar.

Turn 3


Move down-left twice. You can either rescue MDR or swap-Rescue her, it makes no difference.

Turn 4


Move up to the open Heliport you captured on Turn 1, and manually complete the MDR rescue.

Turn 5


Move right three nodes. DO NOT swap with MDR. 

Turn 6


Rescue MDR, and move down left twice, to the enemy Heliport. 

Turn 7

End your turn.

Turn 8


The Hostage you are holding will be rescued at the start of the turn. Move down right to Swap-Rescue MDR, then back to the Heliport to manually complete the rescue.

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