White Knight Fragment Farming Guide

By the time you read this you’ve probably noticed that upon completing a VA-11 HALL-A mission, you’ll acquire some fragments. You may then be wondering, “Well, what’s the best way to farm these fragments?” if you are, then you’ve come to the right place.

The map we will be using for this guide is Pioneer because it is the lowest effort map available.

First, create a standard dummy echelon of one single link HG.

Deploy them on the HQ, then follow the below planning path.

If you have correctly put in the path, your dummy echelon will completely avoid any enemies, and if you disable auto resupply in your settings, completely resource usage free.

Now, the EX maps will give more fragments, however these are much more costly due to it being highly likely that they will heavily damage your echelon through the process of clearing them.

Below is a video demonstration of how it should go:

Happy farming, Shikikans!

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