Worth Buying? GFL x Division Gem Shop Bundles

Article by Cleista


  • If you whale a lot: yes, it's a no-brainer. 
  • If you don't: it gets a lot more complicated.

What if I'm not a big whale?

First things first: if you have a limited budget and you care about the limited costumes, you should probably save your cash for them instead. 

These will probably be $24.99 each

Agent Vector: "Searing Edge"
Agent 416: "Shield of Manhattan"
416 & Vector: "Fang" & "Hellfire"

I have enough money/I don't care about the costumes

The gem shop has a 2x First Purchase Bonus for all gem bundles. If you haven't bought those yet, those are more money-efficient than these bundles. 

The Division Supply Package

This package is $4.99 and a 330 gem package is also $4.99. This package can be purchased every day for a week (up to $35 total for 2310 gems + 3500 Advanced Data). 

  • You're essentially getting free data for buying gems, so it's hard to say no to this package. 

The Division Special Package

This package is a bit more difficult to recommend since its value assumes you're buying tokens at full price. With the frequent token discounts recently (and the fact that the Division Collab costumes aren't in the token gacha), the value proposition isn't very strong. I would skip this unless you're a heavy spender. 

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