Good Time to Gacha - Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 2nd Anniversary

2nd Anniversary

The Gacha to Start this episode is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp:

  • Anniversary Login Bonuses - Collect up to 130 Leaf Tickets from just logging in every day (if you start today, Nov. 1)!
  • Go for the Goals Event Active - Easy tasks that you can accomplish quickly, plus login bonuses, for Leaf Tickets, Sparkle Stones, and Bells, plus ways to get even more Sparkle Stones and Leaf Tickets!
  • Garden Event Active - Earn a huge amount of Bells via simple tasks in the Garden Event, plus Sparkle Stones!
  • Anniversary Event Goals - Earn Leaf TicketsSparkle Stones, Special Event Furniture, and Reissue Material!
  • And lots of great-looking special Anniversary Furniture available to craft, plus other upcoming Anniversary-related events!

Gacha of the Week

Pocket Camp

This week’s pick is Nintendo's idyllic social simulation mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! A whimsical new entry in the classic Animal Crossing series, quite different from many other mobile offerings. Pocket Camp features the villagers you've come to know and love over the last ~20 years. Especially as we wait for the expected 2020 release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can enjoy themselves in Pocket Camp to pass the time. 

About Pocket Camp

What Is Pocket Camp?

Social simulation / Home decoration game

Adorable animal villagers (returning from past games) to befriend and interact with

Very cutesy aesthetics, graphics and music

Build your campsite exactly to your specifications with crafted furniture and terrain

Interact with other players and friends in the marketplace!

You might like it if:

  • You're looking for a more relaxed game compared to most action mobile games
  • If you're already an Animal Crossing fan and you are ok with some mobile-oriented changes
  • You enjoy decorating and prettying up your personal space
  • You're desperately trying to fill your time up with AC content until New Horizons comes out (please hurry)

Why Start Now?

Anniversary Event Login Bonuses


If you've decided that you like the sound of Pocket Camp, then there's no time to start like the present. Every day you log in until the end of the Anniversary Login Event (ending at 9:59 PM PDT on November 13) you'll get 10 Leaf Tickets, which are the primary in-game premium currency. You can use them for just about every convenience you can think of in the game - they're very valuable! You don't have to do a single thing, just log in and you'll get the bonus!

Multiple Easy Events with Good Rewards Currently Active

Go for the Goals

Go for the Goals

  • Includes login bonuses with Leaf Tickets
  • Consists of simple tasks that can quickly be done for good rewards like Sparkle Stones and Leaf Ticket and Sparkle Stone Maps (which let you collect many Leaf Tickets/Sparkle Stones at once, respectively)

Garden Event

  • Simple interactions give you a load of Bells, the regular in-game currency
  • Also get Sparkle Stones after completing each set of tasks

Anniversary Event

  • Participate in Anniversary-related content to get 2nd Anniversary Candles for these missions, and you'll get great gifts along the way
  • Rewards include Leaf TicketsSparkle Stones, Special Event Furniture, and Reissue Material (allows you to craft furniture from previous, limited time periods)

Lots of Unique Anniversary Furniture Available

This one is more of a personal taste thing, but a lot of the currently available furniture for the Anniversary is limited-time, so if you like what you see, you can get on it right away before the Anniversary ends later in the month! 

You can see a lot of the available pieces in the Anniversary preview video below:

And on top of all that, there's plenty of upcoming content for November!

Fishing Tournaments, Scavenger Hunts, Reissue Crafting events, and more are on the way. So if you're feeling the itch for some nice, cutesy Animal Crossing gameplay, make no mistake - it's a good time to gacha!

Brief Rewards Explanation

The rewards mentioned above might sound a bit confusing, so here's a quick explanation about each!

Bells: Your standard, non-premium in-game currency which is used for crafting and many other tasks

Leaf Tickets: Your premium currency, which is used for things that Bells aren't used for but can also be used in place of Bells to substitute for materials or speed up the process of in-game events so you don't have to wait

Sparkle Stones: A rare crafting material which allows you to make some of the premium furniture or other crafted items

Reissue Material: Once in a while, craftable items that were previously put into the game for a limited time and then left (such as First Anniversary items) will come back and can be crafted again with the help of Reissue Material

Leaf Ticket MapsSparkle Stone Maps: Allow you to access a map where you can get a large quantity of the respective item at once!


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