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Latest Community Posts

Latest Community Posts
11/20/2019 - 13:34
@FutabaBestGirl wrote: Posts: 29 Participants: 13 Read full topic
11/20/2019 - 13:22
@prince2019 wrote: Can someone one explain the event for me and mention when will Ozzy have a lone rate up Posts: 7 Participants: 5 Read full topic
11/20/2019 - 13:15
@GabeZhul wrote: Hey guys. Here’s a little topic for you I have been ruminating upon for a while: based on their individual rosters, how would you rank the classes in the games from a purely gameplay-centric…
11/20/2019 - 13:11
@AndreaFreya wrote: I’m planning to raise arash. But how good is he compare another 1-5 stars archers? I heard he is one of the best f2p servant that can compete even 5 star servants. Is it worth it to grail him to…
11/20/2019 - 11:46
@PROTOBee wrote: Title says it all, but I should be clear this is from a gameplay perspective, not lore. In my opinion it has to be Amakusa. Forget about the Ruler class’s natural defense against most classes, his…