Akihabara Explosion - Back-Alley AKIBA Quests

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  • Back-Alley AKIBA Quests are optional quests with special lineup-restrictions that award some Ascension Materials on clear.
  • Generally these will unlock along with tower progression. A full list of unlock conditions are below.
Quest Lineup Restriction Unlock Conditions
Hidden Akiba 1 Male Clear Wishmen Card 5F
Hidden Akiba 2 Female Clear Wishmen Card 15F
Hidden Akiba 3 Assassin Clear Wishmen Card 25F
Hidden Akiba 4 Rider Clear Wishmen Card 35F
Hidden Akiba 5 Saber Clear Wishmen Card 45F
Hidden Akiba 6 Lancer Clear Convention Tower 5F
Hidden Akiba 7 Berserker Clear Convention Tower 15F
Hidden Akiba 8 Caster Clear Convention Tower 25F
Hidden Akiba 9 Archer Clear Convention Tower 35F
Hidden Akiba 10 Chaotic alignment Clear Convention Tower 45F
Hidden Akiba 11 Neutral alignment Clear Meat Tower 5F
Hidden Akiba 12 Riding trait Clear Meat Tower 15F
Hidden Akiba 13 Lawful alignment Clear Meat Tower 25F
Hidden Akiba 14 Balanced alignment Clear Meat Tower 35F
Hidden Akiba 15 Divine trait Clear Meat Tower 45F
Hidden Akiba 16 Human attribute Clear Meat Tower 55F
Hidden Akiba 17 Child trait Clear Meat Tower 65F
Hidden Akiba 18 Evil alignment Clear Meat Tower 75F
Hidden Akiba 19 King trait Clear Meat Tower 85F
Hidden Akiba 20 Good alignment Clear Meat Tower 95F
Wishmen Card (Quests 1-5)
Convention Tower (Quests 6-10)
Meat Tower (Quests 11-20)
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