Akihabara Explosion - Meat Tower Quests

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  • The Convention tower will open after clearing all 50 floors of the Convention Card tower.
  • At least 3 Servants must be put in the front line to start each quest.
  • Support Servants are unavailable for tower quests.
  • There are a total of 100 floors in this tower, with a slightly more difficult encounter appearing every 10 floors.
  • As with Tower events before, the Exhaustion mechanic returns, with any Servants that participated in the battle (including the backline) being put on a cooldown timer where they are unable to participate in Event Quests until recovered.
    • Base Recovery Time: 6 Hours
  • Recovery can be sped up by placing Servants in Relaxation Facilities:
    • Recovery speed is 200% of base (6 -> 3 hours).
    • For facilities a Servant has special affinity with, recovery speed is 300% (2 hours).

Meat Tower Quests

Floor 1-10
Floor 11-20
Floor 21-30
Floor 31-40
Floor 41-50
Floor 51-60
Floor 61-70
Floor 71-80
Floor 81-90
Floor 91-100
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