Akihabara Explosion - Tier List Change Log

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  • The Akihabara Explosion Event introduces a new Servant, Galatea!
  • Additionally, several Servants received upgrades since the last change log:
    • Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) (Spring is Sprung Campaign)
    • Leonardo da Vinci (CBC2023 Slapstick Museum)
    • Amakusa Shirou (CBC2023 Slapstick Museum)
    • Jing Ke (CBC2023 Slapstick Museum)
    • Nero Claudius (Bride) (Akihabara Explosion)
  • All Servants that were discussed for tier placement or movement are detailed below.
Scoring Method Details

5 Star Servants

Tier A

A statue come to life, Galatea is a single-target Arts Berserker with a plethora of defensive and utility effects. She comes with an ever useful 20% charge to help support her NP looping capacity. Defensively, she has a Guts skill, which comes with an impressively-valued 2-time DEF buff. Very notably, she also has a party HP regen skill that also clears debuffs every turn for 3 turns, making her a valuable option for certain challenging encounters. She also has a somewhat situational but useful Buff Removal Resist effect for herself. Unfortunately, despite having an Arts NP, she only has a single Arts Card in her deck, rendering her unable to do NPAA chains. In addition, there is quite a bit of competition in the ST Arts niche, although she is somewhat of a standout among them for her excellent party support capacity. All in all, her looping and damage are excellent, and even stronger in the presence of premiere Arts support, and her Class makes her a great ST option for nearly any node.

Galatea: x -> A (Avg Score: 9) - [NorseFTX - A][TrubotheDwarf - A][WhiteRabbit - A+][Meliran - A-][Rathilal - A][Ceui - A]

Tier List Movements

5 Star Servants

Tier D+ > D+

Arthur Pendragon's upgrade extends the length of his Buster buff from 1 to 3 turns, while also giving him an NP Gain buff that lasts 3 turns. These help improve his damage consistency across turns, although not changing his overall damage ceiling in a burst. Overall, while helpful to his performance, it was generally agreed that he is in need of further buffs before he can be pushed higher, and his tier remains the same.

Arthur Pendragon (Prototype): D+ -> D+ (Avg Score: 6.55) - [NorseFTX - C][TrubotheDwarf - D+][WhiteRabbit - D+][Meliran - D+][Rathilal - C][Ceui - D+]

Tier B+ > B+

Da Vinci's upgrade provides her with her first instance of party support, giving her a party Arts buff that lasts three turns. The buff is helpful as well to her own damage output. Since her NP only has a single hit, however, she still suffers from the same refund woes she did before, and it was generally agreed that this buff does not quite push her to the next tier.

Leonardo da Vinci: B+ -> B+ (Avg Score: 8.28) - [NorseFTX - B+][TrubotheDwarf - B+][WhiteRabbit - B+][Meliran - B][Rathilal - B+][Ceui - B+]

Tier C > C+

Amakusa's latest upgrade greatly improves his second skill's effects, most notably adding a 20% self NP Charge, which greatly helps for topping off his NP Gauge. It also enables the NP drain effect to activate on any target without being restricted by trait, reduces its cooldown by 2 turns, and decreases Buster Resist for all enemies for 3 turns. All of these are a notable boost to Amakusa's overall performance and ease of use, and it was generally agreed that this upgrade is worth a tier bump.

Amakusa Shirou: C -> C+ (Avg Score: 7.17) - [NorseFTX - C+][TrubotheDwarf - D][WhiteRabbit - C+][Meliran - C+][Rathilal - C+][Ceui - B-]

Tier A > A

Nero Bride receives a new upgrade with Akihabara Explosion, which adds a somewhat niche anti-Heaven attribute damage bonus to an ally for 3 turns. In specific situations where enemies have the Heaven attribute, this further boosts her damage support potential, although overall it was agreed this does not change her quite enough to push her up a tier due to it being a slightly niche effect.

Nero Claudius (Bride): A -> A (Avg Score: 9.13) - [NorseFTX - A][TrubotheDwarf - A][WhiteRabbit - A][Meliran - EX-][Rathilal - A]

1-3 Star Servants

Tier C > C

Jing Ke's upgrade comes with a plethora of effects, adding an anti-King damage bonus, increased Crit Star generation, and the ability to apply DEF Down debuffs with Quick attacks, each for 3 turns. The effects are helpful, although either relatively minimal in effect during practical usage, or somewhat niche. Generally, it was agreed that this doesn't quite push her up a tier, although these buffs are still very much welcome.

Jing Ke: C -> C (Avg Score: 7) - [NorseFTX - C][TrubotheDwarf - C][WhiteRabbit - C][Meliran - C][Rathilal - C][Ceui - C]
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