Babylonia - Tier List Change Log

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Tier List Change Log for December 5, 2018

The release of the Seventh Singularity, Babylonia, brings in six new playable Servants! Their initial tier placements are explained below. Amakusa Shirou also received a new Interlude with the release of this Singularity, and shifts upwards as explained below.

5* Servants

Placed into Tier 4: Enkidu is by no means a bad Servant, but Lancer has proved to be a historically very competitive class. Enkidu has one of the best survivability amongst Lancers, but his damage and specialization falls behind other more offensive-oriented Lancers. His niche of high durability is hurt by lacking a hard defensive ability on release, which doesn’t help his case. He does not offer anything uniquely powerful that lets him stand on the same level as powerhouses like Tamamo no Mae (Lancer) or Karna, and is closer to Brynhildr in terms of usefulness. Nonetheless, Enkidu is still a very solid Servant who can be slotted into many teams and function well. As such, he is placed into Tier 4.

Placed into Tier 2: Quetzalcoatl is one of the best offensive Riders in the game. Her absurd base stats, fantastic skillset and heavy burst potential give her a nice place amongst Riders and make her a huge asset to any team. While she is arguably worse than Ozymandias, her direct competitor, the difference is not large enough to warrant a tier difference. In some circumstances, Quetzalcoatl will even outperform the King of Kings thanks to her sheer offensive prowess. As such, she is placed into Tier 2 to reflect her relative competence compared to Ozymandias.

Moved from Tier 4 to Tier 3: With the recent upgrade from his Interlude, Amakusa has finally stopped hitting like a wet noodle with his visually impressive Noble Phantasm, alleviating one of his premier weaknesses. The combination of his Ruler bulk, highly useful niche in AoE buff clearance and solid skillset makes Amakusa more useful than ever before, especially now that he can deal meaningful damage. Taking this into account, we decided to elevate him to Tier 3 to acknowledge his newfound power.

4* Servants

Placed into Tier 2: Gilgamesh may not have the best NP generation for a Caster, but his powerful skillset is more than enough to make up for it. As one of the best offensive Arts supports in the game, Gilgamesh is the perfect companion to Arts damage dealers like Vlad III, Chloe von Einzbern, Artoria Pendragon (Archer) or Lancelot (Saber). However, life is not all rosy for the Wise King, as his long cooldowns mean without support from Servants like Tamamo no Mae, his buffs have somewhat poor uptime. Nonetheless, he offers many things that Arts teams desperately want and enables Arts Crit teams like no other. Tier 2 is a worthy placement for one of the best 4 star Supports in the game.

Placed into Tier 5: It is hard to find positive points in Medusa’s kit. Her abysmal NP generation, lackluster skillset and weak base stats make her easily one of the worst Lancers and Servants overall, especially considering how competitive Lancers are in general. Medusa has only one niche and she cannot even function well enough in that niche to warrant a place in a team. Unfortunately, Tier 5 is a suitable placement for the poor girl.

Placed into Tier 4: Gorgon shares many similarities with other Avengers, namely a monstrous Attack stat, low Star Weight and relatively low bulk. Her skills have some great numbers, resulting in good neutral damage output. Unfortunately, Gorgon lacks multiple important pieces to make her kit tick, in particular Star Absorption and Class Advantage. While Star Absorption can be solved with team support or Craft Essence, currently the Avenger class brings very little to the table due to the sheer lack of Ruler bosses in Event or Story. As a result, despite her offensive prowess, Gorgon will often find herself inferior in terms of damage output compared to Servant who can make use of their Class Advantage more frequently.

3* Servants

Placed into Tier 2: Despite being a 3 Star Servant, Jaguar Warrior has a skillset that might even make some 5 Stars Servants green with envy when everything lines up. Unfortunately, despite how strong her buff values are, she is heavily hampered by her reliance on Battlefield Types and the humongous cooldown on her first skill. She is best compared to Cu Chulainn (Prototype), a Lancer who has superior survivability and weaker damage output but is also much easier to set up. With all these considerations, Tier 2 is a logical placement for Jaguar Warrior.