Battle in New York 2021 - 2020 Revival Exhibition 3: Skyscraper Monster (Okada Izo)

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Enemy Layout

Fatal Battle 1/1
Okada Izo
Okada Izo

Boss Statistics

Okada Izo (Crimson Samurai)
Okada HP
Class Assassin
NP Bar
NP Type
Up to 3 per turn
Humanoid, Servant, Male, Weak to Enuma Elish
Battle Start "That Blade's Mine Now": Upon taking damage, apply 100% Damage Resistance against Card type of the last attack Izo received (2 turns). Only one type of Resistance can be active at a time, and this will change as he receives attacks from different Card types within the same turn. Depending on what type of Resistance he has, a different special skill will be used at the start of each turn.
*Note that the resistance from this ability only affects damage, and does not affect other aspects of card performance such as NP Gain or Star Gain.
Passive Increase NP Damage Resist by 80% [Permanent, Unremovable].
"Your Weakness Is Exposed!": At the start of turn, if Quick Resistance buff is active: Increase own Critical Strength by 40% (5 turns).
"Your Pain'll Get Worse!": At the start of turn, if Arts Resistance buff is active: Decrease Critical Stars of the enemy by 50.
"Execute Divine Punishment!": At the start of turn, if Buster Resistance buff is active: Inflict Stun on a random enemy (1 turn).
Break Hyper Man-Slaying State: Apply Special ATK [Humanoid] +40% to self every turn [Unremovable]. Remove all stacks of Special ATK [Humanoid] from self after defeating an enemy.
Skill 1 Man-Slayer A: Apply Special ATK [Humanoid] 100% to self (1 turn). Increase own Critical Strength by 30% (1 turn).
Skill 2 Mind's Eye (Fake) C: Apply Evade to self (1 turn). Increase own Critical Strength by 32% (3 turns).
Skill 3 Swift and Powerful as a Falcon A: Increase own Critical Rate (1 turn).
NP Shimatsuken: Deals damage to a single enemy. Increase own Critical Rate (3 turns).


  • This exhibition quest is largely unchanged from the original run. The guide is mostly identical to the prior run, except with an updated Servant recommendation table to include new Servants added to the roster since the original run.

    Tired of being bullied all the time, our favorite Shimatsu dog decided to go all out just this once with his true power.  While you were farming the lotto, he studied the blade, granting him Special Card Defense and a special skill based on the last Command Card used against him.  Not only do Masters need to avoid using the same type of card twice in a row if they want to deal damage, but they also need to pick their penalty based on the last Command Card used.

    While you were partying after Izo's first Break Bar, he gained inner strength, giving him a stack of Anti-Humanoid Damage every turn, 1.2 million HP, and marking the frontline Servants.  However, as a proponent of true equality the misanthropic manslayer will remove his Anti-Humanoid damage stacks for every marked Servant he kills.  Lastly, Izo has access to his normal skills, and will use these as well, especially the evasion when he reaches around 50% or less HP.  Unlike his special defenses, these critical damage/chance buffs, evasion, and Anti-Humanoid stacks can be removed.

General Game Plan

  • For general DPS, focus on BQA chains, because the Arts penalty is the least dangerous.
  • Since Izo has 80% defense against NP's, critical hits will be the optimal way to take him down.
  • For consistent crits, try to alternate between BQA and BAQ chains.  As Izo gets lower on his second health bar, it might be worth using BAQ more to keep crit stars and rush him down.
  • Bring Servants with Taunt to direct his damage, and hard survivability to tank his NP.
  • Post break, taunters can be strategically sacrificed to reset his stacking humanoid damage buff and stall for time.
  • The general strategy post break bar remains the same, with the option to remove his humanoid damage buff through either sacrificing teammates or using certain skills/NPs.


  • Instant Star Gain skills for crit won't get penalized by his Star Removal Skill on Arts cards.
  • Non-NP Burst is the name of the game, so MLB'ing the event damage CE will make this easier.  If unable to MLB the CE, equipping other copies on support Casters can help spread out the damage.
  • It's ok to do Arts chains to charge support NP's - it's not like they would have done much damage anyways.
  • Buff removal will remove Izo's crit up and anti-humanoid stacks.  
  • Izo is a male without charm resistance.  This means he can be charmed to stall.  

Mystic Code Suggestions

  • Chaldea Combat Uniform: The control offered by the stun and ability to swap in Servants (with instant star CE's like Golden Catches a Carp) makes for versatile strategies from taunters to 2-turn hyper buffed clears.
  • Atlas Academy Uniform:  Better suited towards slower teams with built in utility, the cooldown reduction and invincibility offer more safety on skill timings, while the debuff cleanse will allow for ending on a Buster card.
  • Chaldea Default Mystic Code: For teams with less reliance on mystic codes the default is a solid option to smooth over rough spots with its heal and dodge, while allowing for a final push through its attack buff.

Team Recommendation Notes

  • Ortinax Mash has two taunts on demand, allowing for excellent damage control.  Tragic Shield of Rousal is an incredibly efficient skill for tanking Izo's NP and more.  
  • Caster of Midrash has native crit damage and Pierce Invincibility, which makes her well suited for taking down Izo even when he has his dodge.  Her cardset also allows for more consistent BQA/BAQ chains in comparison to other Casters.
  • Meltryllis has a wide variety of tools useful against Izo: instant stargain, evasion, crit damage (post strengthening), and buff-clear on her NP.  However, her lack of defensive class advantage will require defensive support.  In a similar budget vein, Medea can also be picked as a budget utility Servant with the added bonus of packing a cleanse, though she cannot DPS as well.

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Quick Servant Suggestions

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Class Advantage DPS
Offensive Support
Taunt Support
Defensive Support
Critical Star Support
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