Boss: Act 3 (3/3) Part 3 - Passionlip (Revival: SERAPH)

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Enemy Layout

Fatal Battle 1/1






Boss Statistics

BB Slots BB Slots: Recover 3,000 HP each turn. (Granted to front line at start of battle and lasts indefinitely)
PassionlipMask HP
Alter Ego
NP Bar

NP Type
3 per turn
Female, Humanoid, Servant, Divine, Heaven or Earth, Weak to Enuma Elish
Active Buff 1 KP-M: Recover 5,000 HP each turn. (Cannot be removed) Disappears upon 2nd break.
Active Buff 2 SG "Hypersensitivity": Self DEF Down, Gain 1 NP charge per turn. (Cannot be removed)
Skill 1 Breast Valley A: Apply Damage Cut to self (3 times, 5 turns). Apply Debuff Immunity to self (3 times, 5 turns).
Skill 2 Masochistic Streak A: Increase own DEF (1 turn).
Skill 3 Trash & Crash EX: Increase own ATK (3 turns). Apply Ignore Invincible (3 turns). Increase own DEF (1 turn). 10% Chance to inflict Death when attacking (1 time, 3 turns). Stun self (1 turn) [Demerit]. Note the ATK/DEF/Ignore Invincible buffs frequently miss.
Break SG Retrofit: Masochistic Nature: Increase own DEF and Debuff Resist. (Cannot be removed)
SG "Hypersensitivity" is removed.
Break SG "Sloppiness": Chance to inflict Death on normal attacks (but not NP). (Cannot be removed)
SG "Masochistic Nature" and KP-M are removed.
NP Brynhildr Romantia: Deal heavy AoE damage. Restore own HP by 2,000.


  • All of Passionlip's HP bars must be depleted to complete this encounter.
  • Passionlip has a very short 3-charge NP gauge, and during her first HP bar, will passively gain 1 extra NP tick per turn! This passive NP regen will be removed after first bar break, so knock her first HP bar down ASAP!
  • Passionlip's NP hits AoE and deals a good amount of damage. However, it does not have inherent Sure Hit/Ignore Invincible, so bringing a Servant with party Evade/Invincible is useful to survive her NP. Damage reduction skills are also useful.
  • After first break, Passionlip gains a defense buff, but will no longer charge an extra NP tick each turn.
  • After second break, she gains a chance to inflict Death on any of her normal attacks.
  • The front line will always receive a buff from BB Slots: Recover 3,000 HP each turn. This only affects the front line, and is effectively twice as beneficial to Knight class Servants (due to them receiving 1/2 damage from Passionlip), so placing the Knight class Servants in front will maximize the buff's benefits.
  • Passionlip can stun herself if her debuff immunity isn't in effect, giving Masters one free turn to damage her and regenerate.

Team Recommendations

  • Passionlip is Alter Ego class. She deals half damage to Knight class Servants, making them a useful choice to bring as DPS. Her AoE NP's damage is low enough for a Knight class Servant to likely survive at least one hit, especially if defensive buffs are active.
    • Gold SaberGold ArcherGold Lancer: Deal 1x damage and receive 0.5x damage from Alter Egos.
    • Gold RiderGold CasterGold Assassin: Deal 1x damage and receive 1.5x damage from Alter Egos.
    • Gold Berserker: Deal 1.5x damage and receive 2x damage from Alter Egos.
    • Gold RulerGold AvengerGold ShielderGold Alter EgoGold Mooncancer: Deal 1x damage and receive 1x damage from Alter Egos.
  • Supports with full party Evade/Invincible can help tide over the party during her NP turns (Merlin, Tristan, David). Despite having a skill that can grant her Ignore Invincible, in this battle the self buff will often miss.
  • Given that Passionlip will frequently buff her defense, including a passive defensive buff after 1st HP break, bringing Servants with defense-ignoring NPs are also useful for this battle.
  • Passionlip will hit hard with her normal attacks and frequently crits. Having some form of defensive buffs will also help the party survive her onslaught of attacks and defeat her.
  • Servants with access to buff absorption may be able prevent Passionlip from buffing herself with debuff immunity, which indirectly may cause her to stun herself more frequently.

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Quick Servant Suggestions

DEF-Ignoring ST DPS
Anti-Divine ST DPS
Full Party Evade/Invincibility Support
Defense Support
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