Boss: Act 4 (4/4) Part 1 - Meltryllis (Revival: SERAPH)

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Enemy Layout

Fatal Battle 1/1






Boss Statistics

BB Slots BB Slots: Gain 10 Crit Stars each turn. (Granted to a random, single front line party member at start of battle and lasts indefinitely)
Meltryllis1 HP
Alter Ego
NP Bar

NP Type
3 per turn
Female, Humanoid, Servant, Divine, Riding, Heaven or Earth, Weak to Enuma Elish
Active Buff 1 KP-O: Debuff Resist vs Stun/Charm Up. Increased DEF when HP is low. (Cannot be removed) Will be active through all three HP bars.
Active Buff 1 SG "Sadistic Nature": ATK increases gradually as battle continues. Applies Target Focus to a random party member (1 turn) each turn. (Cannot be removed)
Skill 1 Crime Ballet A: Apply Evade to self (2 times, 3 turns). Increase own Critical Rate (2 turns).
Skill 2 Sadistic Streak A: Increase own ATK (3 turns). Decrease own DEF (3 turns) [Demerit].
Skill 3 Melt Virus EX: Decrease NP Strength for all enemies (1 turn). After 1 turn, increase own NP Strength (1 turn).
Break SG "Doll Obsession": Apply ATK Down (1 turn) and Skill Seal (1 turn) to a random party member each turn. (Cannot be removed)
SG "Sadistic Nature" is removed.
Break SG "Codependency": Apply HP Recovery Down (1 turn) to all enemies each turn. (Cannot be removed)
SG "Doll Obsession" is removed.
NP Sarasvati Meltout: Deal heavy ST damage. Remove buffs after damage. Increase own Quick Card effectiveness (3 turns).


  • All of Meltryllis's HP bars must be depleted to complete this encounter.

  • Meltryllis’s passive buff Sadist will grant her ever increasing ATK each turn during her first HP bar, so destroy her first HP bar as early as possible or she’ll begin one-shotting the party!

  • Meltryllis’s single-target NP does heavy damage and removes buffs after dealing damage, so it can still be avoided with Evasion or Invincibility skills, or weathered through heavy DEF stacking. For reference, against a Knight-class Servant, it will deal about 16K-19K damage with no buffs active.

  • During her first HP bar, Meltryllis will apply a Taunt to one party member at the end of each of her turns as an additional effect of Sadist. This can be cleansed, and any additional Taunts cast by Masters themselves will cause Meltryllis to randomly attack one of the taunting Servants.

  • After first break, Sadist will be dispelled, and replaced by Doll Mania. Each turn Meltryllis will apply an ATK debuff and Skill Seal to a random party member. Be careful, Skill Seal effects will also delay on which turn a skill will be off cooldown again. 

  • After second break, Doll Mania is replaced by Co-dependency, which greatly drops the effectiveness of healing on all party members.

  • Meltryllis has increased resiliency (though not immunity) to Charm and Stun debuffs, and as her HP drops, she gains increasing DEF. This lasts throughout all HP bars and cannot be dispelled.

  • At the beginning of battle, the BB Slots will grant a single frontline party member a buff that generates 10 Critical Stars per turn. This buff does not expire.

Team Recommendations

  • Due to the unique nature of Alter Ego class advantage, Servants from the Knight triangle (Sabers, Archers, Lancers) will have an easier time surviving this fight, while Cavalry Servants (Riders, Casters, Assassins) will be more vulnerable to Meltryllis’s strong offense. However, all non-Berserkers will deal neutral damage to her. This makes fielding Berserkers extra effective, and doubly so due to the fast-burn nature of this fight. Still, even Cavalry DPS Servants can work if Masters can end the fight fast enough.

    • Gold SaberGold ArcherGold Lancer: Deal 1x damage and receive 0.5x damage from Alter Egos.
    • Gold RiderGold CasterGold Assassin: Deal 1x damage and receive 1.5x damage from Alter Egos.
    • Gold Berserker: Deal 1.5x damage and receive 2x damage from Alter Egos.
    • Gold RulerGold AvengerGold ShielderGold Alter EgoGold Mooncancer: Deal 1x damage and receive 1x damage from Alter Egos.
  • High-damage fast nukers can quickly get through the early HP bar(s) where Meltryllis’s stacking offense is most dangerous. Servants like Sakata Kintoki and Lu Bu Fengxian with high NP damage are strong picks to quickly eliminate one bar (or more, with some luck).

  • Much like Suzuka before her, Melt is affected by anti-Female/Divine/Riding/Heaven or Earth. Knight class Servants with an anti-trait can deal some impressive damage despite dealing neutral damage!

  • Having targetable defensive abilities is very powerful in the early stages of the fight due to the taunt from Sadist making it easy to know who to defend. Alternatively, bringing Servants who all have their own defensive measures can be a simple way to stay safe, but may restrict team composition.

  • Hard stall teams relying on healing and grinding down enemies will suffer greatly from the heal reduction debuff during Meltryllis’s final HP bar, especially since she will also be fairly tanky by that point. Bringing Servants with Ignore DEF effects can counteract that tankiness, however.

  • Having a source of Buff Removal, Sure Hit, or Ignore Invincibility will help with consistency since Meltryllis does have a 2-hit Evasion on Crime Ballet. The latter effects can be provided either by the Servant themselves or through Mystic Code or Craft Essence effects.

  • Since Sarasvati Meltout is an ST NP, bringing taunts of your own can keep damage dealers safe during the second and third HP bar. Mash is a very strong pick for this role as she can reliably survive one NP as well.

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Quick Servant Suggestions

DEF-Ignoring ST DPS
Anti-Divine ST DPS
Full Party Evade/Invincibility Support
Defense Support
Taunt Support
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