Boss: Archer Shinjuku Ch17-1 (Shinjuku)

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Enemy Layout

Grand Battle 1/1




Boss Statistics

James HP
NP Bar

NP Type
3 per turn
Humanoid, Male, Servant, Evil, Weak to Enuma Elish
Effect Formula for Nihilism: At the start of each turn before first Break Bar depleted, inflict either Skill Seal or NP Seal (1 turn) to a random enemy.
Effect (Post-Break) Unsolvable Question: At the start of each turn after first Break Bar depleted, remove buffs from a random enemy, and apply NP Seal (1 turn) to another random enemy.
Skill 1 3000 Years of Hatred: Apply Target Focus to an enemy (3 turns). Increase own ATK (3 times).
Skill 2 End of the Spider's Web A++: Increase own NP charge by 1. Increase own NP damage (3 turns). Decrease own Critical Rate (1 turn).
Skill 3 The Freeshooter EX: Apply Ignore Invincible to self (1 turn). Increase own Critical Rate (2 turns).
Break Increase own ATK (3 turns).
NP The Dynamics of an Asteroid: Decrease DEF of a single target (3 turns, activates first). Deal heavy damage to a single target.


  • A mano a mano with the dreadful, dastardly, dandiest man in existence. This fight is a high-tempo fight where slow compositions may land Masters in hot waters.

  • The biggest problem in this fight is the Field Effect, which can inflict NP/Skill Seal randomly and can seriously threaten the team during the turn where Archer of Shinjuku uses his Noble Phantasm and an important cooldown or Noble Phantasm is sealed.

  • Archer of Shinjuku’s NP gauge is very short (only 3 bars). His End of the Spider's Web skill also allows him to charge his NP gauge even faster, making NP Seal or NP drains highly valuable for the fight

  • His normal attacks can hit quite hard upon stacking 3000 Years of Hatred, and after gaining an Attack buff upon Break. Having a Taunter, preferably someone who resist his class, can reduce a lot of of potential damage (i.e Jeanne d’Arc, Leonidas).

  • The Freeshooter will allow Archer of Shinjuku to bypass both Evasion and Invincibility. It only lasts for 1 turn, so these protections are not completely irrelevant and will still play a big part in mitigating his damage if managed right.

  • After Break, he will randomly remove buffs from a Servant every turn. Buff stacking strategies need to account for this if the fights drags on for several turns after Break. Ideally, Masters will want to finish him off as soon as possible once he entered Break to prevent that scenario.

  • Archer of Shinjuku does not have a lot of traits that can be exploited. Anti-Male Servants will still work well for this fight, as well as Anti-Evil Servants.

  • Archer of Shinjuku has some delicious Tristan-level hit counts. His attacks will charge NP bars very quickly via defensive NP gain. Avenger and Berserker Servants profit immensely from this - provided they survive.

Team Recommendations

  • Due to the short NP gauge and his high damage, we recommend strategies that are more fast-paced to take Archer of Shinjuku down as soon as possible. Art-based teams can still work well but will be subject to a lot of randomness during the fight due to his random NP and Skill seal.  

  • Having one or two strong Taunters will do wonders for this fight, as his Noble Phantasm is Single-Target and Taunters allow more fragile damage dealer to be fielded effectively. Taunting with an existing taunt active will share Archer of Shinjuku's attacks.

  • If Masters chose to field Berserkers, be sure to pick those that either can burst extremely hard to finish the battle as quickly as possible, or ones that have better survivability to ensure they stay on the battlefield.

  • Anti-Male specialists will work well for this quest. F2P Master can rely on Euryale who is the premier Anti-Male Servant. Tamamo no Mae (Lancer) is another prime candidate thanks to her class advantage and strong NP/Star Generation.

  • Anti-Evil Servants are quite rare. Amongst them, Vlad III (Lancer) is the strongest choice with a powerful skill set and a hard-hitting Noble Phantasm.

  • Having a backline Lancer who can finish the job is recommended, the same as a strong last man to ensure the victory in case RNG works against you

Quick Servant Suggestions

DPS with Trait Bonus Damage
Notable Lancers
Backup DPS / Last Man Standing
Main Support
Defensive Support
Other Offensive Supports
(Female ATK buff + DEF debuff)

(Divine ATK buff + Charm/NP Drain + DEF Debuff)
Taunt Support