Boss: Demon God Phenex (Caster) Ch16-2 (Agartha)

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Enemy Layout

Battle 1/1
Demon God Phenex

Boss Statistics

Demon God Phenex
Demon HP
NP Bar

NP Type
Up to 3 per turn
Heaven, Super Giant
Active Buff Increase Damage Resist against enemies with [King] trait (Cannot be removed).
Skill 1 Inflict Charm on a single enemy (1 turn). Inflicts a delayed debuff that decreases target's HP by 2,000 the next turn.
Skill 2 Decrease Death Resist for a single enemy (? Turns).
Skill 3 Chance to inflict Death on a single enemy.
NP Effect Deal damage to all enemies and inflict Burn (3 turns, 1000 dmg/turn).


  • Phenex’s normal attacks will hit everyone, thus it can stack up quickly without damage mitigation such as Defense buffs or class advantage. This also makes bringing Taunters incredibly ineffective.

  • Party-wide Evasion or Invincibility work wellfor avoiding Phenex’s Noble Phantasm, or to buy a turn when team’s party HP is low. Phenex's NP isn't a total party-kill, but without protection it will deplete nearly a full HP bar on neutral SSR Servants.

  • The Burn damage from Phenex’s Noble Phantasm can stack and build up over the long term. Masters that prefer more stalling-centric tactics should take this into account for a prolonged battle. High debuff resistance can also stop the burn from being applied or Masters can absorb or cleanse the debuff.

  • Be mindful of one of Phenex’s skills that can cause a Servant to lose 2000 HP on the next turn regardless of protections, especially on Servants with low HP revival on their Guts.

Team Recommendations

  • Generally, a team of 1-2 Riders with 2-1 Supports should be the go-to team for this quest.

  • Alter Egos, and to a lesser extent, Berserkers, can also work as DPS options, but they lack the class advantage resistance of Riders so Masters should take extra care when fielding them.

  • As Phenex has passive resistance to Servants with the King trait, Masters could avoid fielding these Servants as main damage dealers. The damage reduction is very noticeable whenever an NP from a King is used, but some of them still function quite well.
  • Phenex's overall damage can be successfully stalled through with Arts compositions. However, the Instant Death aspect of his kit may decide to randomly take out Servants. 

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Quick Servant Suggestions

Cu Chulainn (Alter) Hijikata Toshizo Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
King DPS that work well anyway
Ozymandias Quetzalcoatl
Main Supports
Secondary Supports
Defensive Supports