Boss: Demon God Phenex (Ruler) Ch16-4 (Agartha)

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Enemy Layout

Battle 1/1
Demon God Phenex

Boss Statistics

Demon God Phenex (Ruler)
Demon HP
NP Bar

NP Type
Up to 3 per turn
Heaven, Super Giant
Active Buff Apply Guts (Revive with 100%, Unlimited, Unremovable). Battle ends after activating his guts two times.
Skill 1 Inflict Charm on a single enemy (1 turn). Inflicts a delayed debuff that decreases target's HP by 2,000 the next turn.
Skill 2 Decrease Death Resist for a single enemy (? Turns).
Skill 3 Chance to inflict Death on a single enemy.
Skill 4 Clear own debuffs, and apply Debuff Immune (1 turn). Increase own NP Gauge by 1. Only used when a debuff is applied to him
NP Effect Deal damage to all enemies and inflict Burn (3 turns, 1000 dmg/turn).


  • Phenex is no longer protected by an Anti-King buff.

  • Phenex’s normal attacks will hit everyone, thus it can stack up quickly without damage mitigation such as Defense buffs or class advantage. This also makes bringing Taunters incredibly ineffective.

  • Applying debuffs on Phenex will trigger him into using his cleanse skill that also increases his own NP gauge by 1. His Noble Phantasm is quite hard-hitting especially without class advantage, so try to time debuffs effectively to avoid a team wipe.

  • Party-wide Evasion or Invincibility works well to avoid Phenex’s Noble Phantasm, or to buy a turn when team’s HP is low.

  • The Burn damage from Phenex’s Noble Phantasm can stack and build up over the long term. Masters that prefer more stalling-centric tactics should take this into account for a prolonged battle. High debuff resistance can also stop the burn from being applied or Masters can absorb or cleanse the debuff.

  • Be mindful of one of Phenex’s skills that can cause a Servant to lose 2000 HP on the next turn regardless of protections, especially on Servants with low HP revival on their Guts.

Team Recommendations

  • Due to Phenex’s class change to a Ruler, Avengers are the best option for the main DPS role. Other classes that are not affected by Ruler resistance such as Alter Ego, Ruler, or Shielder can also be used, though without class advantage their damage is far less optimal.
  • Berserker can also be considered if Masters can provide sufficient protection, as they will be hit every turn by Phenex's teamwide attacks.

  • Preferably, the DPS and Supports should be able to spread out their damage over multiple turns, instead of focusing into one turns due to Phenex having essentially 2 HP bars to burn. Luckily, Guts can be triggered mid-combo and has no nasty surprises as the average Break Bar boss has.

  • Ideally, a set-up would be Main DPS / Support / Support. For this fight, a mix of both offensive support and sustain are highly preferred. Supports that also can provide party-wide defensive options are highly valuable if Masters cannot clear his guts so quickly.

  • However, with class advantage to draw on, Avenger Servants will last quite a while against Phenex. 

  • Finally, be careful of stalling this fight. While certainly doable, a random Instant Kill from one of his skills can always happen. 

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Quick Servant Suggestions

DPS (Only need one)
Vlad III Sakata Kintoki Ibaraki-Douji
Other DPS
Main Supports
Secondary Supports
Defensive Supports