Boss: Final Boss 12-2 (Solomon)

Boss Statistics

Goetia Ch12-2
Goetia HP
NP Bar

NP Type
3 per turn
Active Buff Each of his three normal attacks can inflict a different debuff:
  • 12-hit AoE Attack, inflicts Star Generation Down debuff on target (3 turns).
  • 1-hit AoE Attack, inflicts DEF Down debuff on target (3 turns).
  • 12-hit ST Attack, inflicts ATK Down debuff on target (3 turns).
The debuffs inflicted by attacks can be removed, but the Attack Effect buff on Goetia cannot be removed. Note that each attack can also land a crit, which increases damage dealt, although the inflicted debuff does not change.
Skills Nega-Summon: Used at the start of battle. Increases own NP damage resistance such that NPs do ~0 damage, increases own Critical damage resistance (3 turns).
Reloading Humanity: Used during his first turn (after your first turn). Charges own NP gauge to maximum, grants self Ignore Invincibility (1 turn), increases own NP damage by 300% (100% x3, 1 turn).
Evocation: Charges own NP gauge by 1.
NP Effect Ars Almadel Salomonis: Deals around 20,000 (neutral) damage to each opponent. Reduces a random one of Quick, Arts, or Buster performance by 100% for 1 turn.

Boss Analysis

  • Goetia is the only enemy in this encounter.
  • During his first turn, Goetia will unleash an NP on your entire front line with an Invincibility Piercing buff active! The front line will likely perish if you are unprepared.
    • Guts does work against this NP.
    • He is not immune to stun, so it is also possible to postpone the initial NP if you succeed in stunning him. He will simply unleash his combo the next turn.
    • Buff Block stops the Invincibility Pierce buff from being applied, so it becomes possible to use Evade / Invincibility skills to survive the first turn NP. This allows you to save your front line for a better chance at dealing with him. He will never use the Invincibility Pierce skill again for the rest of the battle, so this option is the safest and most flexible as long as you have access to a Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) + Merlin/David or a powered up/Rank Up’d Mephistopheles + Merlin/David. With this, you can run other Mystic Codes comfortably.
    • Buff Block can also be found on the Memories of the Lunar Sea Mystic Code.
    • It also is possible to Skill Seal or NP Seal Goetia to prevent the first turn NP from happening. Skill Seal in particularly completely shuts down his instant NP charge and NP combination.
    • If you can stack Defense up on your party and Attack down on Goetia to a combined sum of 100% damage reduction, then it is also possible to reduce his NP damage to 0 (must be normal ATK or DEF, NOT NP damage debuffs, due to his skill’s +300% NP damage buff).
  • Hold off on using NPs until Turn 4! Until then his NP damage resistance buff will essentially turn all NP damage to 0. Don’t let NPs go to waste before then!
  • Outside of his first turn, he will also frequently use his NP Charge (+1 gauge) skill.
  • Subsequent times that he uses his NP, he will NOT use the invincibility piercing skill, so you can avoid damage from the second NP and onward using Evade or Invincibility skills.

Team Composition Recommendations

  • Goetia is Beast I class in this encounter.
    • Gold SaberGold ArcherGold Lancer: Deals 1.0x DMG, Receives 2.0x DMG.
    • Gold RiderGold CasterGold Assassin: Deals 2.0x DMG, Receives 1.0x DMG.
    • Gold Berserker: Deals 1.5x DMG, Receives 2.0x DMG.
    • Gold ShielderGold Ruler: Deals 1.0x DMG, Receives 1.0x DMG.
    • Gold Avenger: Deals 1.0x DMG, Receives 0.5x DMG.
  • In summary, Cavalry/Berserker/Avenger class Servants are the best candidates as damage dealers due to either bonus damage or the ability to resist Goetia’s attacks.
  • Using Mystic Code: Chaldea Combat Uniform allows you to stack buffs on your damage dealer on the first turn followed by using Order Change to take them out of harm’s way. After Goetia’s NP, the backline Servants will be brought out, and you can continue buffing your damage dealer with backline supports. For this reason, it is viable to bring 5 support Servants, and 1 damage Servant.
  • Damage dealers ideally are single target Servants. Since Goetia’s attacks quickly fill Servants’ NP gauges, it becomes easier for non-Arts type Servants to use their NPs, and somewhat takes away the advantages of using Arts damage dealers. Buster DPS is the best choice given Merlin’s release, but Quick Servants can also make this battle work.
  • Support Servants ideally are capable of granting buffs relevant to your damage dealers’ card colors as well as giving general damage buffs.
  • If in doubt, a borrowed bond 10 Heracles can easily solo the fight with little fuss after sacrificing a bunch of Servants on Goetia's initial NP.
  • Alternatively, simply use up 3 Command Seals (not quartz) to revive the party. That's probably what the design of the boss was going for anyway.

Sample Turn by Turn Battle Plan

  • Sample Turn by Turn Battle Plan (Buff Stacking Strategy):
    • Front: DPS Servant + 2 Support Servants with 3-turn buffs (1 Support Merlin)
    • Back: 2 Support Servants (any) + 1 Debuff Servant (DEF down preferred, examples include: Kiyohime (Lancer), Tamamo-no-Mae (Lancer), Saint Martha [Rank Up], Kiyohime, Elisabeth Bathory, Carmilla, Mata Hari [Rank Up])
    • Turn 1:
      • Use all Support buffs on DPS Servant. Also use Illusion (Merlin’s Party wide Invincibility skill), since the DPS Servant will carry this buff to the backline and will still have it active when they return.
      • Use Chaldea Combat Uniform: Order Switch to switch DPS with backline Debuff Servant. Don’t use debuffs yet.
      • Use Chaldea Combat Uniform: Gandr to Stun Goetia. This will use up one of the turns for his NP damage reduction buff.
      • Select command cards to do as much damage as possible.
    • Turn 2:
      • Use debuffs on Goetia from Debuff Servant.
      • Select command cards to gain as many crit stars as possible. Avoid using Guts skills since you want all back line Servants to come in.
      • Goetia will eliminate the front line.
    • Turn 3:
      • Use all 3 turn buffs or debuffs on DPS Servant/Goetia. Do not use 1 turn buffs yet.
      • Select command cards (do NOT use NP yet, it will do 0 damage) to do damage and gain as many C Stars as possible (start with Buster cards, use Quick cards later in chain, and focus on using DPS Servant’s cards).
      • Goetia will use attacks that should fill the Servant’s NP gauge if it is not already full.
    • Turn 4:
      • If your DPS can do an NP Brave chain, use any 1 turn buffs or debuffs on DPS Servant/Goetia.
      • Do an NP Brave chain with the DPS Servant if possible. If not, then can wait until next turn.
    • Turn 5:
      • Use all 1 turn buffs or debuffs at this point if not done earlier; this is the last turn the other buffs used on Turn 1 will stay active on the DPS Servant.
      • Do an NP Brave chain with the DPS Servant if possible.
      • If NP was already done the previous turn, sometimes it can be done again due to Goetia’s attacks filling your Servants’ NP gauge. Otherwise, select command cards to do as much damage as possible. Using a Merlin support and four other damage supports, Goetia should be dead or almost dead by this turn and can be cleaned up.
      • If necessary, you can use Evade or Invincibility skills for his NPs now, as he will not use Invincibility Pierce beforehand.

    Quick Servant Suggestions

    Buster DPS Recommendations
    Buster Support Options

    (Rank Up)
    (Rank Up)
    Quick DPS Recommendations
    Quick Support Options

    (Rank Up)
    Buff Block (to nullify Invuln Pierce on Turn 1 NP)
    (Rank Up)
    Skill Seal (equip a debuff success CE)

    (Rank Up)