Boss Guide: Ch16-5 (Atlantis)

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Enemy Layout

Fatal Battle 1/1

Boss Statistics

Mandatory NPC Support - Superhuman Orion
Lv100 NP5 10/10/10
Battle Start
Hunter's Willpower:
Apply 100% Special ATK vs [Wild Beast] trait
Increase own Critical Star Drop Rate by 100%.
[All effects Permanent, Unremovable]
Cerberus HP
Class Rider
NP Bar
NP Type
Up to 3 per turn
Demonic, Earth, Super Giant, Wild Beast
Battle Start 1 Demeter Klironomia: Restore 3,000 HP at the end of every turn. When HP reaches 0, recover 50,000 HP (1 time). [Permanent, Unremovable]
Battle Start 2 Gates of Hell, Open: Apply Invincible (1 time, 1 turn) to self at the end of each turn.
Break Memento for the Afterlife: Inflict [Confusion] onto all enemies for 5 turns. Remove all Defense and Immunity buffs on all enemies.
-[Confusion]: Chance to inflict Skill Seal (1 turn) each turn.
Skill 1 Bronze Roar: Increase own ATK by 20% (3 turns). Inflict NP Seal on all enemies (1 turn).
NP Hellfire of the Underworld: Deal damage to all enemies. Inflict Burn (500 dmg/turn, 10 turns), Burn Damage Up by 100% (3 turns), and inflict Skill Seal (1 turn) on all enemies.


  • This is an encounter against Cerberus, a break bar Rider boss with two HP Bars. During this encounter, the boss must be defeated to completion. Cerberus can frequently inflict Skill Seal and NP Seal on the party during this encounter.
  • Superhuman Orion is a mandatory NPC Support (and will definitely do his part to carry his own weight if he is used properly). He will gain 100% bonus damage versus the boss, along with +100% increase Star Drop Rate, both of which are permanent and unremovable.
  • It is possible for the NPC Support to essentially solo this encounter with minimal support.
  • Cerberus will gain a 1-time, 1-turn Invincibility buff every turn. This is relatively easy to bypass, by using a normal card hit before using an NP or by using Ignore Invincible skills, but it is important to keep in mind to avoid wasting an NP hit by using it as the first card.
  • Cerberus also starts with a 1-time, unremovable Guts that restores 50,000 HP, and passively restores a small 3,000 HP per turn.
  • On Break, Cerberus will remove all Defensive and Immunity buffs from the party, and also inflict a chance to Skill Seal every turn for 5 turns. Note the debuff can be cleansed.
  • Cerberus also has a skill that can buff his own ATK for 3 turns and inflict NP Seal on all party members for a turn.
  • Cerberus's NP hits AoE, inflicts 1 turn of Skill Seal, and also inflicts Burn and Burn damage up.

Team Recommendations

  • NPC Support Orion can solo this encounter, especially with the +100% damage boost he gains for this fight. His primary source of damage is critical hits with his cards, particularly after receiving the critical strength buffs from his NP. Try to activate Orion's NP before breaking Cerberus as well, since Orion's NP provides him with a 3-turn Debuff Immune buff, which can nullify Cerberus's break effect.
  • Bringing a strong ST Assassin is optional, and can act as backup in case Orion isn't able to finish the deed before he falls. Otherwise, Orion in most cases is more than capable of handling this fight alone.
  • Damage / NP Gauge Support is useful to bring, with Waver and Merlin being particularly good options due to being able to better support Orion's critical damage capabilities.
  • Star Support is also helpful to ensure Orion has enough stars to guarantee crits for his cards. Mozart, if his third skill is available and leveled, is capable of guaranteeing crits for a turn.
  • Mystic Code options are flexible, although it is helpful to bring a Mystic Code with a hard defensive option, given Orion himself lacks one. Atlas Academy Uniform has invincibility, and in particular also provides a debuff clear skill, which can come in handy if a Skill Seal or NP Seal occurs before Orion is able to get his NP (and the Debuff Immunity that comes with it) active  before breaking Cerberus.

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Quick Servant Suggestions

- Recommended
NPC Support Solo
ST Assassin DPS
Critical Star / Critical Damage Support
Offensive Support
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